Adidas For Women Happy Game Deodorant Spray Review

Adidas For Women Happy Game Deodorant Spray Review

Hello Ladies!

Today, I’m going to review one of my favorite deodorant sprays from Adidas. This one’s named “Happy Game”. I reviewed the “Natural Vitality” spray (which was quite an useless spray) a few months ago here.

Adidas For Women Happy Game Deodorant Spray Review

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Adidas deo sprays. The ones I’ve used earlier have been a waste of money for me. But I’m always on a hunt for the next best citrusy deo sprays/fragrances because I hate floral scents and almost 70% of all the deodorants have floral notes. This spray, however, is really good. It’s citrusy (exactly what I was looking for), stays on for a good 4-5 hours and smells very sporty. The citrusy fragrance keeps me feeling fresh for hours. The “24 hours” freshness claim is pretty pointless since we all know deodorants don’t stay that long no matter how good.

Also, unlike the ‘Natural Vitality’ spray, I don’t have to keep spraying this deo till my fingers hurt. I just need to spray a bit since it is quite strong and then, I smell like all things citric! I absolutely love this spray.

The only con is that it doesn’t control perspiration. I need to use a roll-on deo before spraying this on. I basically use it as a body splash and not as a deo.

Top Notes: Lime, grapefruit and slight orange
Heart Notes: Musk and a hint of jasmine.
Base Notes: Musk, lime, with a hint of berries.

Although it fails its purpose of an “anti-perspirant” and 24 hours freshness claim, this is one of the best deo sprays from Adidas compared to the others from the same range. I’m definitely going to purchase it again.



Rs. 170 for 150 ml.

Pros of Adidas For Women Happy Game Deodorant Spray:

  • Stays on for approximately 5 hours.
  • Citrusy fragrance that gives a very fresh feel.
  • One of the best in the Adidas deo sprays range.
  • Easily available and affordable.

Cons of Adidas For Women Happy Game Deodorant Spray:

  • Doesn’t control perspiration.
  • Fails its 24-hour freshness claim.

IMBB Rating:


Do I Recommend Adidas For Women Happy Game Deodorant Spray?

Yes, its one of the best from Adidas so far.

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