NYX Trio – White/Gray/Black

NYX Trio – White/Gray/Black

By Neha Shukla

Since first using NYX in 2009, I have been in awe of this brand. The sheer volume of their products is astounding. The following is a review of the NYX Trio in White/Gray/Black. If you have read my previous review of NYX Trios, I would skip ahead to my take on this particular trio palette except that you get half the product you would get in other NYX trios.

NYX Trio  White Gray Black


NYX Trio - WhiteGrayBlack (4)


The pan’s diameter is 1 inch or ~2.6 cm. But interestingly you get 0.07 ounces (3 x 0.0233) or 2.1 grams (3 x 0.7). This is the average amount of product as far as eyeshadows go for this price range BUT it is almost half of what you get in other NYX trios I’m not sure why that is, but it is definitely very strange!

NYX Trio - WhiteGrayBlack (3)

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It contains three eyeshadow colours that are co-ordinated so that they are a no brainer. I like that idea 🙂 They come in a pretty little shiny black palette with a see through pane for the upper halves of the eyeshadows. The palette also comes with a dual tip sponge applicator (I threw mine out when I first got it) and a little mirror strip on the inner top part of the palette. I love simple designs and this is no exception. Very functional and it is sturdy enough to where I’m not too worried about the eyeshadows.

NYX Trio - WhiteGrayBlack (5)

Price and Shipping:

The eyeshadow trios are priced in the range of $4.99 to 8.99 tax depending on where you buy them from. For the quality and quantity of the product, it is a respectable price. Shipping from NYX was not amazing but oh well. They are available in a range of colours – 45total colour combinations and you can pick the ones that you like.

My Take on the NYX Trio in White/Gray/Black:

Another work-friendly eyeshadow palette! You don’t see most people sporting white/grey eyeshadows and neither did I, until I tried this palette. All of these colours are completely matte and contain no sheen/shine/shimmer/sparkle. As mentioned before, NYX specifically co-ordinated these colours to where the first shade is the base/highlight colour, the second shade is the lid colour, and the third shade is the crease colour.

NYX Trio - WhiteGrayBlack (6)

I’m reviewing and swatching the NYX Trio in White/Gray/Black but please note that the order is different in the pictures and swatches. The order I keep my palette in is Black/White/Gray:

1. Black – This shade is a true matte black. It is beautiful and dark but darker black eyeshadows do exist. Even though it is not the “blackest” eyeshadow out there, it is pretty black for all intensive purposes and it is the smoothest black eyeshadow I have used. I, in my humble opinion found it smoother than MAC, Urban Decay, and Inglot. It is not powdery and applies/blends smoothly.
2. White – Not quite as smooth or pigmented as the black above, but it is of decent quality. It is not powdery or chalky and applies smoothly. My only concern with this colour is that it does not last as long as the other two colours.
3. Gray – Gray is my new favourite eyeshadow colour. It makes my eyes seem more open and bright and it contrasts against my brown eyes, making them seem lighter than they actually are. Also, completely neutral and safe of work means I can wear it to work and nothing makes me happier than makeup I can use on a daily basis 🙂 Also, if I’m in a hurry, I skip the other two eyeshadows and just swipe this one all over my lids with kohl and mascara and call it a day. It is soft, pigmented and has a creamy texture to it.

Here are things I LOVE about the NYX Trio in White/Gray/Black:

• For the price, the eyeshadows have amazing colour payoff.
• Being matte shades, for the price, one would expect them to be a little powdery or chalky but they are perfect matte shades.
• The colours are completely true to pan and very pigmented.
• While this trio is not exactly buttery, it is still very smooth and the colour just glides on.
• They have NO fallout.
• They blend really well for matte shade.
• They last for 10 hours on me with a primer and about 5 hours without one (I have super oily eyelids).

NYX Trio - WhiteGrayBlack Swatches


Things I’m not in love with about the NYX Trio in White/Gray/Black:

• Absolutely nothing!

IMBB Rating:

This is a really good trio for everyday work wear and I give it a 4.5/5! If the white was creamier, I would have given it a 5/5.

Last Thoughts:

I also love this particular trio and I’m happy I got it. The colours do run very cool so it might look ashy on very dark skin tones. I find it perfect for the office or a super sophisticated evening out. NYX has won me over with yet another trio and I suggest you lovely ladies try it out!

Peace out! <3


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    1. I wouldn’t say that the trios are the “best” products from NYX, I think it is their single eyeshadows. But the trios have very interesting colours 🙂 Do let us know how you like the trios! 🙂

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