Oriflame Savannah Sensuous Hand And Body Cream Review

Oriflame Savannah Sensuous Hand And Body Cream Review

Oriflame Savannah Hand Body Cream

Rs. 298 ( I got these @198 each when it was running on introductory discount scheme of Rs.100 off). So, I got two of these 😀



Quantity: 150 mL.


The cream comes in cute, stubby bright orange-coloured tube type packaging. In fact, I fell for the packaging only when I saw it with a friend (Oriflame agent) and bought this without even trying out the cream 😛 😛 Even though the tube is slightly heavy to carry around, I prefer to keep this in my bag instead of body creams that come in jar-like packaging.





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My Take on Oriflame Savannah Sensuous Hand And Body Cream:

The Savannah range from Oriflame was limited edition launched a few months back. The range included perfume, shower cream, soap, lipstick, eyes shadows, this hand and body cream. I remember buying the soap, perfume and this cream. The Savannah hand and body cream comes in a cute, orange-coloured packaging, which caught my attention instantly. I prefer to use such easy squeezy tubes over body cream jars.

The consistency of the cream is slightly thick, but spreads easily and gets absorbed easily in the skin. The cream is very moisturising, but doesn’t feel heavy, sticky and greasy on the skin at all, which I like a lot about it. The cream gives some respite to my otherwise dry, dull hands and arms for good 3-4 hours after which I don’t mind re-applying. The bonus point is the fragrance it comes with. It has a vey unconventional fragrance which I can’t consider floral/fruity. I guess the fragrance is between spicy/woody , truly sensuous and crisp oriental. I like such fragrances a lot over mundane floral and feminine fragrances 😀 😀

Overall, I liked this cream a lot and would definitely repurchase when it comes at some good discount again.

What I Liked About This Cream:

• Thick consistency but seeps into the skin quickly without much effort.
• Makes dry hands and arms soft and supple.
• Moisturising but doesn’t leave the skin with heavy or sticky feel.
• Easy to use and carry tube type packaging.
• Pleasant fragrance.
• One tube lasted me 2 months even when I used it daily.

There are not much flaws which I could find except for the fact that it has parabens and it is a limited edition product, so it will not be easily available again.

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17 thoughts on “Oriflame Savannah Sensuous Hand And Body Cream Review

  1. I dont have any hand creams.. :shame: … Good review Nupur… U have any idea if i can get hand creams which don’t have any parabens..

        1. visakhi, i haved thr facewash,tonic mist and ubtans…. 🙂
          thr products r a lil expensive so i doubt i ll ever purchase thr body lotion 😀
          i prefer TBS / H2O/oriflame for body creams/lotions/foot cream/hand cream

          1. I checkd their website and saw sandalwood hand and body lotion, i really want to try it even though its priced highlt with 875rs. But i want to know its review before buying, i don’t want to experiment with such an expensive prodcut.. :sidefrown: :sidefrown:

            1. visakhi, the prices on the wbsite are a lil high than thy are in the stores 😐
              i havent seen any reviews on the body lotions as yet but whtevr i hav used till date from FE , i am in louuuvvvv wid it :love: :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:

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