Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk Review

I am not a big fan of coconut and I usually never buy any coconut-perfumed products, be it a body lotion, hand cream or a body wash. Though this shower milk does wonders to the skin, I was never tempted to buy it due to its heavy coconut smell. Since I liked the other two shower gels from Palmolive Naturals, I didn’t mind picking this one.

Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk Review

Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch with coconut and moisturising milk shower milk is one of the sweetest, most foamy and buttery products I have experienced so far. The shower milk is in pearl white colour and is very rich and creamy. It comes in a 250 ml white and sturdy plastic bottle with a pale purple flip cap. Surprisingly, it’s marketed with the main ingredients being coconut and moisturising milk, but when you check their website, it mentions aloe vera in the product description. Okay, so did they forget to include aloe vera on the product?


You will notice that this shower milk is promoted as a ‘coconut product’, thanks to the significant coconut image on the bottle. But hang on ladies; I don’t know if this is a good point or a disadvantage, I really didn’t detect coconut smell much! Good point, mainly because I don’t like the coconut scent that much and a disadvantage simply because hey, where has the aroma gone? Isn’t this a coconut flavoured product? Or maybe, the nourishing properties of the fruit over shadowed the perfume? Well, read on!

Product Description:
Discover an indulging shower experience. Palmolive Shower Milk Ultra Moisturising is enriched with moisturising milk and olive extract.

Its rich, velvety formula helps moisturise your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth.

£1.99 for 250 ml

My Take on Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk:

The product is wonderfully velvety and it has a sweet soapy smell. It has aloe vera which helps to keep skin soft and healthy in this clumsy weather. Fortunately, this is suitable for all skin types as it has a brilliant combination of coconut, aloe vera and moisturising milk. Though it says ‘natural origin’, but when you look at the ingredients list, you will see all sorts of chemicals used! (Now that is not convincing!)


This shower milk is quite thick and builds up into a lovely smooth lather. It beautifully sinks into the skin and charmingly moisturises the skin cells. After rinsing, my skin feels super soft and absolutely cleansed. The softness remains for a long time along with the smell (now that adds one more point). It is a bit like a baby product – so soft, so sweet and so light and it does feel lovely on my skin.


Though it’s a shower milk, the consistency is little gel-like. I personally liked the moisturising property of this product; it’s just brilliant. As I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t smell like coconut much, but the nourishing benefits of the amazing fruit is reflected. The skin is more alive. If you have used Palmolive soap bar in 1990s and 2000s, you can easily relate to the kind of smell of this product. All points taken however, it doesn’t have a pleasing aroma which you don’t like while showering.


As it is dermatologically tested, it doesn’t cause any itching or irritations. Positively, the scent is neither masculine nor feminine, so this is suitable for all members of the family. Personally I loved this shower milk; it’s refreshing, cool and vivacious.


Pros of Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk:

• Soapy and creamy
• Creates wonderful lather
• Very soft to the skin
• The fresh smell remains for a long time
• Reasonably priced
• Has commendable nourishing properties
• Easily available

Cons of Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk:

• Doesn’t smell like coconut!
• Availability in India
• Not many people might like this pure soapy smell

IMBB Rating:
4.75 out of 5

Would I Recommend or Repurchase Palmolive Naturals Pampering Touch Shower Milk?
Honestly, this is a great shower milk and as I don’t prefer coconut smell, this works brilliant for me. I will definitely recommend and repurchase this one!

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