Powder vs Liquid Makeup

Many of us just cannot decide when it comes to choosing between the powder or liquid makeup products. With so many products at our disposal, the hunt for the right formulation of products is indeed a big task.


Always pay attention to your skin type and the finish you want before you buy any makeup product. Read on if you want to make a picture a bit clear for yourself next time when you go out shopping for makeup.

Foundation: Choosing the right foundation is the most important step to get the whole look right. Powders are amazing for oily skin types. They are a good choice for people who want light coverage and a natural finish. It tends to control excess oil around the forehead and nose area, avoiding the need for frequent reapplication. Unlike its liquid counterpart powder foundations are less likely to cause clogged pores and blemishes as it does not get absorbed into the skin. On the other hand liquid foundation is most effective when used on medium to dry skin. It moisturizes and does a good job of filling and concealing fine lines and enlarged pores, even with relatively lightweight formulations.

For beginners liquid foundations work best as it is easier to get colour matched and also apply and blend a liquid product into the skin than powders, which usually requires a brush application method and can result in incomplete coverage and a splotchy finish if applied incorrectly.


Powder foundation tends to settle into fine lines and wrinkles, or aggregate around dry or damaged skin so people with such skin conditions should go for more hydrating liquid makeup.

Bronzer: This product is required to add contours to the face. So keeping in mind your needs select the one that fulfils most of your demands. Like if you want to add an overall glow to the skin then go for liquid-based bronzers but if you want to sculpt your face without adding glow then age old powder formulas are the best. Liquid bronzers are more pigmented than powder ones but can be mixed with your foundation or moisturizer to add a nice overall colour to the face. However you really need a steady hand to apply a liquid bronzer without it looking cakey or streaky.


Blush: as far as blushes are concerned liquid formulas give a more natural look and last longer than the powder ones. Consider the staying power of this product and grab the colour you like without thinking much about your skin type here.

Do you prefer liquid or powder makeup products?

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6 thoughts on “Powder vs Liquid Makeup

  1. Thanks for these tips era 🙂 i prefer cream blushes for d natural look they give, but i generally opt for powder foundation as i need very little coverage. Goooood morning everyone:D

  2. Very nice tips Era. I agree with Aparajita .. I prefer cream blushes for natural look. Liquid foundations are easy to blend & give nice coverage 🙂

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