Pretty Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

I know a lot of people have been doing tutorials on smokey eye effects but I wanted to do something different, I thought as it was coming onto summer soon maybe a tutorial with bright colors would work just as well.

I really hope you like this tutorial please leave me a comment if you do.

So today I will be doing a tutorial on how to get Pretty Green Eyes perfect for this coming summer.

green eye makeup

Step 1: Put a dab of foundation in the palm of your hand.. I usually leave mine for at least 10seconds so it has warmed up just enough that it’s undetectable.. (Don’t stress about blemishes. Those will be sorted out later.) Apply foundation all over your face and neck, using a brush or your fingertips, believe it or not fingertips are the best for applying foundation. Make sure you have applied evenly.

Step 2: Dab concealer on any problem areas and make sure to blend it in well, you don’t want to make it look to obvious. (I have not used any concealer in this tutorial)

Step 3: Gently apply powder, focusing on your forehead, cheeks and chin.

Step 4: Using a blusher brush, suck in your checks, and sweep your bronzer across the hallow of your checks and directly below and on top of your cheekbones. Brush bronzer on your neck too, so there’s not a line between your neck and face. You can go over your blusher a few times to get your desired colour. Again with the blusher, dab a bit of blusher on your temples and your hairline to even it out.

Step 5: Apply a few coats of mascara and leave to dry for approximately 30 seconds. Take your eyelash curlers and curl your eyelashes, hold them for around 30 seconds and let go, go over your eyelashes with mascara again – Use the wand in both combing and wiggling action to get the best results.

(comb out any clumps if necessary)

Step 6: Take a black kohl or eyeliner pencil and apply roughly on the upper and lower lashline – Again with the eyeliner apply – Starting from the inside working your way towards the outside, I finished this look with a flick at both ends of my eyes. To do this then pull your eyes slightly up and whilst applying your eyeliner gently follow it up. The flick should be no longer than 1.5cm’s.

Step 7: Using a eye shadow brush, start to apply your green eye shadow. Starting from the inside going towards the outside. You can go over this a couple of times to darker the color. Do not go over the crease.

Step 8: Again using the eye shadow brush or your finger tip, focusing on your bottom lashes, dab the green eye shadow under your inner eye lashes, go over these again to get the color you want it.

Step 9: Complete the look with a quick sweep of clear or nude lipgloss.

This look is very easy to do and it takes around 15minutes.

green eye makeup tutorial


products used eyes
* Boots Eyelash Curlers
* Rimmel London Special Eyes Eyeliner – Shade 161 Black
* Avon Color Trend Eye shadow comes with free eye shadow brush- Shade Storm

* Collection 2000 XXL Volume Sensation Mascara – Shade 161 Black Magic


* Bourjois Lipgloss – Shade 45 Rose Fluo


products used face

* AVON Blusher Brush
* L’Oreal Paris True Match Powder – Shade W3 Golden Beige
* Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation – Shade 53 Beige Clair
* Natural Collection Crushed Bronzer – Shade: Golden Glow

So that’s my tutorial on how to get ‘Pretty Green Eyes’

I hope you liked it. I’ll definitely be doing this look when it comes to the summer, definitely a great look for a beach party.

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27 thoughts on “Pretty Green Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. Nice one, these days after reading IMBB reviews on several green eyepencils and all, me too loving green look, I simply use lakme glide on Aqua green color, :waytogo:

  2. Very good tutorial….so many tips you have covered……I’ll definately try this look……green-gold eyeshadow….Sumptuos Olive in MAC……as thats the only green I have…..

  3. Thanks for the lovely comments everyone, it means soo much to me.

    Nia- you can basically use any type of green with this, thats the great part about this look.


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