Wedding Eye Makeup Look

Wedding Eye Makeup Look

Wedding Makeup Look

Hey Everyone,

Firstly, I want to thank all those who appreciate my work, and secondly I want to apologize for not replying back to all the sweet comments, because by the time, I see my post 4-5 posts get published after that, and I feel no one has that much time to go back and read my reply 😛 but I do reply to all the questions and queries, so feel free to ask :toothygrin:

So, the wedding season is almost here, and I prefer light and soft makeup, something very feminine and which doesn’t take much time to do.

The look (eye look) I am showing you today was worn by me on my cousin’s engagement and even my dad complimented (he hates makeup:P), which is a BIG deal for me 😛

I used a shimmery peach eyeshadow and brick brown eyeshadow, yes just two shades, it’s really easy and everyone can do it with ease.

On my cousin’s wedding, I used pink lipstick with little blue undertone, but in this look I used Colorbar Rock You Baby (don’t know if its available). So, let’s begin:

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• Begin with a clean primed face and lids.


• Using a white eyeliner pencil highlight your brow bone and blend well with finger.


• I applied Iced Apricot from Mattify Cosmetics on my lids.


• Applied Dirty Girl from Confidence Princess Mineral on the outer corner.


• Highlight with a light shimmery eyeshadow.


• Apply Kohl liner and loads of mascara (as we are not lining upper lashline ).


• Apply your favourite lipstick and you are ready.



Note: To know what I applied on my face, wait for the next look as I recorded it together and have the same face makeup.

I Hope you guys enjoyed it, let me know what you think 

Love you all, bye !!

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56 thoughts on “Wedding Eye Makeup Look

  1. deeptima we will read ur replies :puchhi:
    deeps i wanna ask something
    like my eyes are like suzzane (hrithik’s wifey)
    like lil downtunrned :(( not so much
    n lids also dont show up much
    make a tut for that for eye shapes and all :shying:

    1. Hello Neha <3
      according to me, i feel you should apply (small)winged liner which is thin at the middle of your lids and thick at the ends and while applying dark eyeshadow at the outer corner move toward your brow, obviously not completely i mean just blend outwards and upwards 😛 it will make your eyes look lifted <3
      Hope that helped !! :pigtail:

  2. ur eyes r soo pretty tht any makeup wud suit u deeptima :woot: 😉 :whistle: .. this is reaallly a gr8 party luk u ‘ve created here…. :love: :love:

  3. Ammmmmaaaazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U are a stunner!!! flawless skin to top ur lovely eyes :clap: :clap: :preen: :preen:

  4. It’s really awsme.. :shying: sply ur white eyeliner !! thz gr8 look 4 party really love it :yes: :yes: :yes:

  5. wonderful..!!!! u look beautiful..!!!!!…….I am so scared of eye make up…. I have not dared to try till date.. :sidefrown:

  6. Bravo deeptima….its luking very beautiful on u… :woot: :woot: actually its very simple to do deeptima……really gud work… :laugh:

  7. That’s a lovely, elegant look Deeptima. :)) Great tutorial. :thumbsup: And your skin is soooo nice, it’s like celebrity-nice. :inlove:

  8. you know priya from months you have been asking the same question to every person you are coming across here. i have replied to your same question many times myself. then you even pin pointed that I don’t reply to your queries. It is quite time consuming to reply to same query repeatedly.

    The tutorials given here are with explanation but you would have to try the stuff yourself only. Makeup comes with practice and if you don’t spend time working on it, you wouldn’t get the hang of it.

    I would please request you not to come with same queries again and again. Rather try working on the things that have been suggested to you.

  9. hey deeps you look beautiful as always.. : )

    This look looks very elegant….

    Thanks hun..♥♥♥♥


  10. Hi Priya,
    Thank you so much, the problem you stated is quite common , the reason we add/ blend different shades together is to get some dimension, its just like sketching, or you can say shading.
    uniform shade on the lids can appear boring, so to add little detail we add dark at the outer corner and light shade at the inner, we actually want to mix the colours well , ie. we need to blend so that no one can see harsh line or distinguish between shades.

    Shades are blended specially at the place where they meet. like you have purple on lids and you want to make it more subtle and well bended you can take pink and apply on your crease where your purple ends, it will give a fading effect.
    I hope that helped !! <3 :tongue:

  11. vaishnavi, you may change your pic at you;d have to register it there. a confirmation would come in your mail. Then you can upload your pic. just use the same email id you use here. 🙂

  12. Great tutorial ^^
    Do you groom your eyebrows on your own or at the salon?
    I did it at the salon It was such a horrible experience. I cried XD Also, the lady give me some cuts over my eyelids! T.T
    Then I tried using tweezer and that was a fail as well!

    1. hawww… i experienced same things at salon :yikes: … i was never satisfied with the result.. from quite few years i have been doing my eyebrows myself, as i like changing their shape 😛 :preen:

      1. doing it yourself? :O wow! :worship: :worship: I wanna learn that too 🙁 isn’t it difficult? ?:) ?:) I ‘m never satisfied with anything done at salon 😐 I wish I could do everything myself!!

        by the way, lovely look! simple but elegant! really like it :waytogo:

        1. I have a vid on how to shape eyebrows but it is on my channel, i’l ask Rati Di if i can do a post here too 🙂

          Am really happy u liked the look !! :yahoo:

  13. that was so simple and beautiful Deeptima! Do post a tutorial sometime about how you groom your eyebrows. It realy hurts the way its done in the parlour :))

  14. Lovely tutorial,Deeptima! 🙂
    I liked da way u’ve blended all da colors 2 create dat wonderful look! :waytogo: Very appealing! :love:

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