8 Products to Buy to Fill in your Eyebrows

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Eyebrows are slowly becoming the center of attention in the makeup world. We all know how eyebrows can shape your face. But, still, there are very few products available in the market these days for eyebrows or should we say that we have products, but we don’t know about them.

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So, here is a quick sheet of what all you need to fill in your eyebrows and make them look stand out in the crowd.

1. Brow Pencils:

beautiful young woman shaping her eyebrows with a pencil

This is one of the basic eyebrow products, which you must have if you are looking to shape and revamp your eyebrows. These eyebrow pencils are the easiest to use and are very helpful in shaping your eyebrows and filling the gap. Even if you have a bald patch or two, then you can use a good eyebrow pencil.

2. Colored Pencils:

close-up woman using pencil makeup eyebrow

Some of us have eyebrows which need color correction. So, you can use those colored eyebrow pencils which will help you to get a uniformed look. It’s best to use a brown eyebrow pencil for Indian skin tones. Everyone is tempted to use black, but brown looks the best.

3. Eyebrow Brush:

Closeup beautiful woman with eyebrow brush tool on blue

This is one such product which everyone must have in their makeup kit. It falls in the category of your ‘must-have’ products. You always need to brush your eyebrows so that the hair is in shape, and your eyebrows look well groomed.

4. Brow Gel:

This is one step in addition to the eyebrow brush. When you have dense eyebrow hair, then eyebrow brush doesn’t help much. You need brow gels to set your eyebrows and give them a polished and glam look. Then, you have different varieties in brow gels like the light holding ones and the long holding ones.

5. Brow Tint:

Close up view of gray woman eye with beautiful golden shades and black eyeliner makeup. Classic make up. Studio shot

These are lightweight brow coloring products, which look like a tint when used on the eyebrows. These are comfortable to use and don’t feel sticky or heavy on the eyebrows.

6. Brow Powders:

Brunette make up artist woman applying make up for a brunette bride in her wedding day. Making eyebrow correction

These brow powders are for those women who don’t need much grooming for their eyebrows. These are the blessed people who have their eyebrows in shape and proper color, and they just need something to set and tame those flyaways. Brow powders also come in various hues, so you can use them instead of colored pencils for a more natural look.

7. Brow Wax:

Pretty girl getting brow depilation

The brow wax is meant only for those people whose eyebrow hair grow very fast. You can use them conveniently at your home, just like any other regular wax. Regular waxing of your eyebrows will also give a good shape and look to your eyebrows.

8. Brow Shaping Kit:

For professional eyebrow shaping

Brow shaping kit is equally important if you want to be a bit dramatic about your eyebrows. This will bring shape and definition to your eyebrows.

Some additional tips:
Only groomed and glam eyebrows will not work. You also need to take care of the overall face makeup, and you must try to follow at least below given tips:
• Make sure that your face is cleansed and moisturized
• Keep your eye makeup as per the brow makeup. If you are doing a proper neat brow look, then you can go overboard with your eye makeup
• Don’t forget to apply castor oil every night on your eyebrows for that perfect growth

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