Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask Review

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask

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Because it is really hot these days, I’ve been busting out more often my sheet mask to relieve my skin from cruel weather. Putting on sheet mask in the afternoon is just so refreshing and relaxing at the same time. This time I used a sheet mask that is a bit unique as it is 3D! It is the Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask.

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask

On Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask Label:

PuredermAge Regenerating Multi-step Treatment, containing Age Regenerating Ampoule (Step 1) &Snail 3-Dimentional Mask (Step 2) skin regenerative program that combines the benefits of a skin ampoule and facial mask for maximum treatment results.

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask  2

-Age Regenerating Ampoule (Step 1): Designed to be used prior to Snail 3D Mask, this anti-aging ampoule helps improve the appearance of aging skin while facilitating the absorption of the active ingredients in the mask.

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-Snail 3D Mask (Step 2): Made from 3-Dimentional natural pulp sheet that is dramatically adhered altogether, this 3D mask provides perfect coverage for areas that flat mask cannot cover: facial ridges, jaw line. Contains Snail Extract with super regenerating properties.

How to use: 1. Thoroughly cleanse and tone face. 2. Open the pouce along dotted line in the center and remove Age Regenerating Ampoule. Apply and even layer to the face. 3. Open the Sanil 3D Mask, as shown in the picture, apply the mask in the following order: chin, forehead, nose and then mouth. Smooth out any air bubbles with fingers. 4. Wear the mask 15-20 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges. Gently massage remaining essence into the skin.

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask  3

My Experience with Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask:

The Puredern Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment Mask is packaged in a light green and light blue plastic foil sachet. The sachet has partition separating the Age Regenerating Ampoule from the Snail Sheet Mask.

The Age Regenerating Ampoule is about a teaspoon in amount which is enough to cover the whole face. It looks like a cloudy white, a bit thick-ish solution like that of Cetaphil. It smells like a mild soap and it feels cool on the skin like water. It has slick to it which makes me want to massage it all over my face. After applying this ampoule on my face, I put on the sheet mask next.

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask 4

The 3D Snail Mask itself is a thin, paper/ cottony mask soaked with snail infused solution. There’s also a slight slick to the solution. It is not at all dripping when I pulled it out of the sachet but it remained wet for the whole 20 minutes it stood on my face. It has soapy scent to it, a bit similar to that of the ampoule. Like Puredermand The Face Shop masks, it has holes for the eyes, nose and mouth but the difference is that, it is 3D. It is like the one on the image found on the packaging. It has curvatures to accommodate the nose and chin which I really like a lot! It was able to cover most areas of my face compared to regular, flat masks.It adhered well and stayed on top of my face without sliding.

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask  5

I followed the instructions to put it on my face for 15 – 20 minutes andI love that cool feeling it gave to my skin. It is really refreshing. I want to note that I did not feel any minty or mentholated type of coolness from it. I did not feel any sting and actually felt that is mild on my skin.

After using the mask, aside from feeling cool and refreshed,I noticed that my face feels softer and smoother as well. Aside from that, it made my pores shrink and my skin is not as oily. There’s really no miracle effect I got from using it but I can say that this mask works well for me.

Purederm Snail Age Regenerating Multi-Step Treatment 3D Mask- What I Like:

-Easy to use.
-The mask feels soft and gentle on skin.
-No stinging sensation or any irritations.
-Relaxing and refreshing to the skin.
-Smoother and softer skin post usage.
-It even relieved some dry parts of my face.
-It is affordable for Php 89, around Rs. 104.

The Face Shop Red Ginseng Real Nature Mask- What I Don’t Like:

-It has dimethicone and parabens.

sheet face mask

IMBB Rating: 4.75/5

Final Thoughts:

I am not quite sure if snails are really good on skin as I read some articles saying it is good at improving skin complexion, reduces wrinkles and repairs lines but I will surely repurchase this Snail Purederm Mask. I enjoyed using 3D mask now, I hope all sheet masks are 3D now. This is one good mask to try girls. 😀

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    1. Hello Vidhi! I am glad this first snail product i tried worked well for me. i am flying next month. thats in 3 weeks. i ve been completing and packing things. i have this mix feelings, excited, nervous, happy and so on. hihihi. 🙂

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