Purple Rose Gold Bedroom Eyes Makeup Look

imbb purple eye makeup

Hi Everyone, 🙂
I wanted to do like a bedroom eye look with purple tones. I searched for bedroom eyes on google and got this. 😐 “That sensual seductive-looking glance that you (whether you are male or female) express when you are in a mood for something romantic and/or sexual. ” Don’t judge. loll! I promise there is an eye makeup look called bedroom eyes where you basically make your eyes look kinda little sleepy and sexy. So basically your eyeshadow should look all blended, a bit smudgy and not sort of perfect. best done with black or brown eyes. Charlotte Tilbury also has an eyeliner called Bedroom Black based on the same concept. 😀 But I wanted to do it with the tones of purple and burgundy. Adding rose gold to the inner corner was a very last minute decision.

Here’s how I achieved this look in basically 4 steps :
Smudge purple eyeliner on lashline.
Mix burgundy and pruple eyeshadow on a fluffy brush and apply it all over the lid and blending it upward towards the crease. Repeat the same on lower lashline as well.
Apply kohl on waterline.
Finish off with rose gold eyeshadow on inner corner and mascara on the lashes. Tada!

purple bedroom eyes makeup

purple rose gold eye makeup look

purple rose gold makeup look

purple rose gold eye makeup

Chanel Le teint foundation
Cover FX Drops Sunlight
MUFE HD Concealer
Cle De Peau Concealer
Chanel Loose Powder
Loreal Million Lashes Mascara
Anastasia Peach Highlighter
Rosegold, Burgundy eyeshadows from Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette Burgundy Eyeshadow Dupes : Faces Single Eyeshadow FES00232, NYX Single Eyeshadow – Burgundy Pearl
MAC rose Pigment for extra jazz. 😀
MAC Technakohl Purple Dash Dupe : Loreal Purple Dream Eyeliner
Purple Eyeshadow MUFE Eggplant Dupe : MAC fig I
Lipsticks : Lakme Lipstick Ruby Rush + Blushbook


15 thoughts on “Purple Rose Gold Bedroom Eyes Makeup Look

  1. It is indeed a very sexy look. Cannot take my eyes off you. Your last minutes rose gold decision has actually amplified the look. ?

  2. You look stunning! I actually gasped looking at you – you literally took my breath away! SO beautiful ❤️ I’d love to try this!
    I’m going to pick up Cover FX Sunlight. After seeing you incorporate in your looks, I’ve fallen in love with it!
    Please keep taking my breath away gorgeous! ?

    1. awwww thanks abhinaya. yes that cover fx highlighter is stunning! you can mix it in foundation or just add it on top as a highlight , always looks gorgeous! 🙂

  3. That’s seductive ???Sultry sexy and radiant .., love ur look … ur accessories goes very well with the look ..the lipstick is super , something different than the usual red shade ?

  4. Your look is very sexy and appealing. Use of Purple has definitely given you the bedroom eyes look sleepy and sexy. Use of rose gold shadow on the inner corner of the eyes, has lit up the entire look and added a glow. Your makeup is as lovely as ever and undoubtedly adorable ??. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow, such a glowing look and love those shades on your eyes. You look beautiful. I love this HUDA Beauty eyeshadow palette. It has all my favourite Shades ??

  6. Love this look! Mainly because of the Color combination and the crystals ? You look stunning, rati mam! Keep posting such creative looks ?

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