12 Relationship Myths That you Should Stop Believing

Hi ladies,

If we keep on believing in the myths, then they become our reality of living. These myths can make our love lives really uncomfortable and full of unhappiness. In today’s post, let’s talk about these age-old myths and start breaking them today.

Relationship myths you should stop believing

Myth 1: Jealousy is a sign of love
Jealousy is a sign of insecurity and not love. A little possessiveness is adorable but jealousy, no! If after being in a relationship for a certain time, you still can’t trust your partner, then there may be something really wrong somewhere in the relationship.

Myth 2: You can survive on love and fresh air
We have some typical bollywood movies preaching that love is everything and nothing else matters. It is true to some extent as when you have your partner by your side in everything you do, you automatically excel in everything. But through the course of life, you will need a lot of things (read: financial security). So make sure you both work hard enough to not let financial insecurities hamper your relationship.

Myth 3: You change if you love them
When you love someone then you become habitual of what he or she does on a daily basis and you become more accepting of his or her flaws too. Trying to change yourself just for the happiness of the other person will not get you anywhere in the relation.

Myth 4: Love is another name for sacrifice
Love is the name of give and take. A loving partner will never demand you to give up on something you treasure. If you find yourself on the brutal end of giving all the time and making all the sacrifices just for the sake of other person’s happiness, then you need to stop and reevaluate everything.

Myth 5: Perfect couples adore each other’s families and friends
When we love someone, then we tend to treat his or her loved ones with respect. You may not like all of his or her family members and that does not make you a bad person. If something about someone is really bothering you, then you can always talk to your partner about it.

Myth 6: Waiting for love to happen will get you nowhere
Sitting around on your couch and spending time on social networking sites will not get you the love of your life. You need to go, meet some new people and have fun with your life. Maybe, you will find someone somewhere who will suit all your fancies.

Myth 7: People in healthy relationships never fight

12 Relationship Myths Badly Busted!2

No two people are alike, so it is natural to have some conflicts. There will be some days when you will fight like there is no tomorrow. It doesn’t mean you aren’t in love; it just means you care about each other enough to work through your fights and come out stronger as ever.

Myth 8: Love happens only once
After hard and bitter breakups, it is very tough to realise that your life is not over yet. You will get over that someone and you will find your person who will get you and will mend your broken heart. Love can happen twice or thrice for that matter. It’s not true! Ranbir Singh was madly in love with Katrina and it was also rumored that they would get married, but they broke up and Ranbir found love again in Alia Bhatt. And the amazing thing is that both Alia and Katrina are good friends and also share makeup tips with each other.

Myth 9: A happy relationship doesn’t require work
If we see a couple in all their glory, we tend to think that their life is perfect. Well nobody’s life is perfect; no relationship is perfect. We all have to work on our life and relations to keep them perfect.

Myth 10: Love is saying “I love you” often
12 Relationship Myths Badly Busted!4

Yes, it feels great when someone expresses his or her love but sometimes with all the life’s troubles, your partner forgets to tell you that you are special. It does not mean that he or she doesn’t love you anymore.

Myth 11: My partner should know how I am feeling
This is especially for the women. Well, guys are not mind readers. They cannot take even the simplest of hints. If something is bothering us then we need to confront them. There is no other way that he will listen.

Myth 12: You should do everything together

12 Relationship Myths Badly Busted!-4

Who doesn’t love spending quality time with one’s significant other? But if that quality times changes into getting on each other’s nerves in the name of “spending time,” then that is wrong. You spend all the time in the world with each other but do forget to reserve some ME time too.

Bonus Tip: Even if the relationship does not work, it is possible to part ways amicably and without any bitterness – take a look at Aamir and Kiran Rao, who recently separated after 15 years of marriage, without any feud or bitterness between them. Well done guys!

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4 thoughts on “12 Relationship Myths That you Should Stop Believing

  1. Very crisp fresh and close to reality Vandana 🙂 I totally agree with ur post that love just not happens once while its not about sacrificing ones identity or happiness. And yes in our culture as the two states movie says we just dunt marry a guy/gal but his/her family as well 🙂 this will sure help so many relationships as an eye opener for many 🙂

    1. thank you 🙂
      I am so glad that you liked my write up and yes you are so right as in India, the 2 families get married too with the couple.

  2. The biggest myth – you can survive on love n fresh air!!! Surely, money can’t buy you love, but money does play an important role!

    Very well written 🙂

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