Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review

Hello IMBBians,
I recently came across an article, that said, using a good comb makes a lot of difference. I have been using a wooden comb for a very long time and decided to invest in some brushes. I came across Remington Shine Therapy range and decided to pick up the paddle brush from the range. Today’s review is all about Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush. Read on to know more about the product.

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review


Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Package Backside

Product Description:
Perfect for straight, sleek styles, the Shine Therapy Paddle Brush has nylon bristles infused with anti-frizz Micro Conditioners that transfer to the hair during styling.Use in combination with the Shine Therapy Straightener to dramatically add shine.

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Product Description

My Experience with Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush:

The brush comes in a cardboard box package. There is some information on the back of the package. The package is sealed, but the top is open and you can feel the brush. The brush is silvery white in color with light blue grip and paddle base. The nylon bristles are black and has white round balls on them. The brush has a rubber grip that helps you hold onto very easily. The wooden handle has a good design and the comb is very sturdy. Therefore, it doesn’t break easily!

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Packaging

I do not have straight hair and this one is meant for straight, sleek hairstyles. However, the product doesn’t make the hair super straight and if you have light curly hair, it makes the hair wavy. The brush makes the hair a little bouncy and adds some volume to the hair. The brush is not very harsh. I have fine hair and it doesn’t cause any irritation or adds pressure. The rounded bristles at the end are infused with micro conditioners. If you do not use a serum, it can be a difficult task to remove the tangles. The comb alone doesn’t do any justice to tangles in your hair and doesn’t make the combing manageable. But, with a good serum, you can expect good results. The product reduces frizz to a very long extent. It creates amazing hairstyles like you have set it with the product. The bristles gently massage and scrub the roots, making the hair grow full and faster. The brush makes the hair very soft and smooth. The product adds shine to the hair, but it is not very much as you expect.

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Paddle Bristles

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Paddle Base

Coming to the micro conditioners, I do not understand the need for them or what it does to the hair nor does it state anywhere on how long the effects last. The product reduces static too. The rounded beads do not fall off and I hope it stays for long. The biggest issue with the comb is cleaning. The hair that gets tangled in between the brushes takes a lot of time to be removed. Also, if you use water to clean the brush, there is a small hole on the paddle that retains water and getting water out of there is a very big task. I just use a wet ear bug to clean! I wish Remington had added a cleaning tool too, as the price is expensive. Overall, it is a nice brush, but does nothing great than a normal brush would do.

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Paddle

Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush Review Bristle Beads

Pros of Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush:

  • Sturdy brush and easy to hold.
  • Ergonomic design with a rubber holder.
  • Makes hair bouncy and adds volume.
  • Reduces static.
  • Reduces frizz.
  • Massages the scalp and strengthens hair growth.
  • Makes hair soft and smooth.
  • Adds a little shine.
  • Doesn’t cause any irritation or pressure.

Cons of Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush:

  • The brush alone will not detangle the hair.
  • Expensive.
  • Cleaning is a big task.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Would I Recommend Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush:
Yes! Especially if you have straight hair.
Would I repurchase Remington Shine Therapy Paddle Brush:
Maybe no! I hope this one lasts long!

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