Revlon Custom Eyes 010- Sweet Innocence

Revlon Custom Eyes 010- Sweet Innocence

When I purchased this palette last week, I picked it up out of my previous experience with the other palette in “Naturally Glamorous” . See these are the little things that can annoy us about a brand, brand quality needs to be consistent, and based on that we trust a particular range and pick up products blindly.

revlon custom eyes eyeshadow sweet innocence

Since my other palette was soft and creamy and very pigmented and hence when the SA told me there is no tester for this palette, I assumed this would be good enough considering this is from the same range. But I was wrong. I think this is the chalkiest and most white palette I have which will be used sparingly, may be just the white in there and the brown/ purple sometime. But overall, it is a disappointment. I wish I had picked up the “Metallic chic” one!

revlon customeyes eyeshadow sweet innocence1
There are 6 palettes from this range, consisting of mauves, greens, blues, a nude, and the bronze one. But this one being the lightest and everyday wear shade, I picked it up.

revlon customeyes eyeshadow sweet innocence 2

The colors are quite nice honestly if they were not chalky. The light pink and the peach are both chalky, the purple is gorgeous but again is not as soft. The white for the highlight in the center is the softest one and the brown at the end is an average brown which is absolutely matte.

revlon customeyes eyeshadow sweet innocence 3

All the colors are matte and the purple and the pink at the far end are slightly pearly, but no shimmer so to say and this is reason this could have been a great soft pigmented nude palette, but the shades are not pigmented, they don’t show up, they feel all white on the lid, are all matte and powdery, and they are chalky too. Overall I don’t know why it is priced at Rs. 625!
revlon customeyes eyeshadow sweet innocence swatches
I tried doing a look with this but the only color that was showing up was the brown and the highlight! rest all were all similar or white or not visible.I wish they would show up more and were soft and pigmented and not this way.The other palettes are way better than this one.

I like the packaging and the color choices but I find it very hard to work with, on Indian skin tones. It comes with a two-sided sponge applicator that I don’t really care about.I might use the highlight and the purple color from this in the future but then not the palette as a whole.

Last word:

Overall, what could have beena great nuetral palette turned out to be quite chalky and under average. based on my previous experience with this range, I had picked this one up after my love for the soft Naturally Glamorous one, but it was a mistake,I hope I could save someone’s money by this. :)Spend Rs. 200 more and get these high intensity palettes rather!

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  1. all these revlon pallettes are sold in the american drugstores in the clearence section… and we buy fr such a huge amt… and then quality is so poor… good review Neha !!

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