Richfeel Hair Repair Serum Review

Richfeel Hair Repair Serum

Hey Guyssssss…

I’m back with another Richfeel review, this time it is the hair serum’s turn. Sprinting straight to the business! One thing that I do not like about Richfeel products is that they do not mention ingredient list on their products. I genuinely feel it is not fair! I mean common it is our right to know what are we putting on our mane.

Ok complaint bandh review shuru… 😛

Richfeel Hair Repair Serum

Price: Rs. 510 for 42 ml – There are 6 small tubes in the box, each 7ml.

My experience with Richfeel Hair Repair Serum:

I have been using this serum on and off for about 3 years now. This was a part of the product that was recommended to me for my treatment. But I liked it a lot and again during the sale as mentioned in my earlier review of the conditioner I purchased an extra box of this as well 😛 (OK I was just excited thik hai! :P)
Well even with the complaint I must say that I really like this hair serum. It made my hair very soft when used just after shower on damp hair. It makes my hair look soft and flowy with less frizz. But I need a lot of amount to get the results. May be because I have long hair and also because my hair is dry.

Richfeel Hair Repair Serum
This was the first serum that I ever used in life, and naturally was happy with the results as any serum, be it good or bad would make your hair feel smooth. So did this, my entire first box of this was a hit for my hair. But I being not so loyal and a shopaholic kept on buying other brands serum as well, but I always came back to this. Even the second box is a hit! So this was worth being silly and getting more than 1 product  *happydance*
Also I must mention, that this works best only on damp hair, if I use it on completely dry hair this does not give me the same results.

Richfeel Hair Repair Serum (4)
This serum comes in a small rectangle box, which has 6 small tubes of it. Each tube is 7 ml. The small tubes are like ear/nose drops that you get at the medical store. You have to punch a hole in the tube for the product to come out. 1 tube lasts me a month as I have to use a lot of amount.
Texture and smell:
This is a transparent liquid serum. It really feels of silicone as it is very slippery. But I do not have any proof as no ingredient list remember?! But every time I use it I feel I’m applying lots of silicone to my hair. But what to do after seeing the results I get carried away! 😛 This is again a no fragrance product just a mild medicinal smell may be; almost negligible.
Summary time!

Pros  of Richfeel Hair Repair Serum:

• Makes hair super soft and smooth.
• Controls frizz.
• Entire box lasts me around 5-6 months.
• It is from a reputed brand so must be safe (that’s what I keep telling myself).
• Reasonable I feel as it does what it claims and also lasts long.
• The effect stays for the entire day.

Richfeel Hair Repair Serum (3)


Cons of Richfeel Hair Repair Serum:

• NO Ingredient list mentioned (biggest con for me).
IMBB Rating:

3.5/5 (-1.5 for not mentioning the ingredient list)

Richfeel Hair Repair Serum swatch
Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Richfeel Hair Repair Serum?
Yes if you are ok with no ingredient list thing, then it is a must try!
I’m confooosssedd ! 😛 I really like the product, but not mentioning ingredients is really bothering me. I might find a product that gives me same or better results. Actually I’ve almost found it shall be reviewing soon: D

Thank you all for reading… Stay beautiful .


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12 thoughts on “Richfeel Hair Repair Serum Review

    1. Agreed! It is just NOT fair! someone needs to tell them that we are not gonna make the products ghar pe! *headbang*

  1. I would love to try this one as i have had good results with the other richfeel products *hifive* but yes the packaging should be improved…looks like some eye drop bottle *hihi* *hihi* *hihi*

    1. It is a good product no doubt…. but I’m a bit skeptical to put anything in my hair! If you wouldn’t mind it, then go ahead! *hifive*

  2. Vidhi n0se dr0ps b hote h kya?? *pompom* r dis richfeel products r availabl anywhr or i hav 2 visit der clinic??

    1. *hihi* Yes Anita there are Nose drops also available 🙂 I had purchased it from their centers… I’ve seen a few at certain beauty shops but somehow I prefer to buy it from their clinics 🙂

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