Richfeel Orange Massage Cream Review

 Richfeel Orange Massage Cream

Hello Beauties! Hope you all are in pink of health. The temperature is dropping day by day and I do not feel like stepping out at all and enjoy a hot coffee in the comfort of my home. Sometimes our skin needs that extra pampering especially since the climate is so cool and dry skin needs a lot more pampering. And this is the time I like use massage creams, as for the rest of the year I stick to gels as they are apt for my oily skin. Today I am going to share my experience with Richfeel orange massage cream for oily skin which I bought a month back.

Richfeel Orange Massage Cream

Product Description: Richfeel Massage Orange Cream is enriched with orange extracts and vitamin C. It tightens the pores of skin revitalizes it. Ideal for oily skin.

Key ingredients: Orange extracts, Vitamin C

How to use: Apply in an upward and circular motion for 10 to 15 minutes and massage, wash off with moist cotton pad or water.

Price: Rs 165 for 100 grams

My Experience with Richfeel Orange Massage Cream:

It comes in a box inside which there is a jar. I do not have the box as I threw it. The jar is small transparent dark green colored with a black lid. I like how it is transparent so one can notice from outside how much is left inside. Richfeel has changed it packaging, before all the products came in a white and orange packaging, but the new one is much better. The jar comes sealed and is completely travel friendly. I am not sure if there are other variants available but this one says it is for oily skin.

Richfeel OrangeMassage Cream

The cream inside is very thick and light orange colored. The consistency is like that of a thick balm. It has a very natural and refreshing orange fragrance which I love; I really like products with orange extracts as they work well on my oily skin. I scoop out the required product with a small spoon and massage with fingers onto the face. Little quantity is required for each use. At first I did not like it much as it was so thick for my skin, but then I started using it other way. After applying on skin I wet my fingers with water and then massage this way it is diluted and becomes milky making it much easy for massaging.

At first I used it only for five minutes and then removed it, it cleaned my skin well and did impart a slight glow. But it does leave behind a slight greasy feel, to remove that I have to wash my face with face wash. I was not very happy with the result so the next time I used it the way mentioned, I massaged it in upward motion for 12-15 minutes and it does impart a good glow, slightly tightens pores and softens skin, I removed it with a moist cotton pad followed by a face wash. That glow was noticeable and lasted for a day which is good. This is great to use before any special occasion and now has become an addition to my monthly at home clean up. One problem though is there is no ingredients list mentioned only key ingredients.

RichfeelOrange Massage Cream

Pros of Richfeel Orange Massage Cream:

• Small and sturdy packaging
• The cream smells very refreshing
• Will last long as little quantity is required
• Does impart a glow on skin
• Makes skin soft and refines pores
• Not tested on animals

Cons of Richfeel Orange Massage Cream:

• Leaves behind a greasy feel, using face wash is must
• Very thick consistency
• No ingredients list mentioned
• Slightly tedious as it has to be massaged for 10-15 minutes
• Glow lasts only for a day

Do I recommend Richfeel Orange Massage Cream?

It is worth giving a try, but I will not be repurchasing it as this will last me for really long, and I would stick to massage gels. It is definitely true to its claims of revitalizing skin and tightening pores.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

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