Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream Review

Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream

I love to pamper my skin once in a while either by massaging it with an oil or any massage cream. Recently I finished of my ayur massage cream and while searching for a new one found this cream and I simply love it. I always have enormous trust in Khadi and this cream lived upto my expectations, and I think it’s a must buy for these monsoons.


Price-90 INR for 50 grams

Claims: Pamper your skin to some well-deserved massage each day. Go the natural way with this Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream and your skin will instantly soak up all the goodness. Suitable for women as well as men, the cream nourishes dry skin to provide you with instant moisturization. This Khadi Cream is a potent blend of organic ingredients. Get the healing properties of natural emollients like Apricot Oil and Almond Oil over a base of Sunflower Oil. Apricot Oil is rich in antioxidants that prevent cellular damage and keep your skin looking youthful. Almond Oil penetrates deeply into the skin and gives it more elasticity. Keep this smooth cream handy near your dresser and you don’t have to see another day with dry or dull skin.

Directions for Use: Massage the face and neck in an upward motion for 2 to 3 minutes. Ideally use the cream twice a day to replenish dry skin.


Ingredients-Almond oil,apricot oil,wheat germ oil,sunflower oil.[no complete ingredient list]

My take on Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream:

The cream comes in a regular Khadi tub packing. Smell of the cream is very weird to me nothing like my sensory receptors know earlier, but ok the smell is not bothering and very much tolerable, even for sensitive noses. Consistency of cream is on medium side not too thick nor too thin, very easy to massage on face. Color of cream is pure white. My experience with the cream is pretty good, I use this cream twice a week to give massage to my face and I am happy with the results. I even use this for my hands and other dry parts of my body. My face is moisturized well, feels soft and supple; this is what I expect from any massage cream. It never broke me out. Even my mom used this and she is happy with the results too.


Pros of Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream:

Easily available
Does the moisturisation part very good
Nice cream for massage.


Cons of Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream:

Makes face greasy if left on face without wiping.

Do I recommend Khadi Almond and Apricot Massage Cream?


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