Rimmel London #002 Bulletproof Beige Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick Review

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Continuing with my series of eye, skin care and makeup reviews, I am going to review another eye shadow stick from Rimmel, from the old and much-loved “Scandaleyes” range. These were among the first eyeshadows to hit the Indian market, in the chubby stick/crayon format and also the ones that I grabbed immediately when they first hit the market. I first wanted to experiment with these, before deciding to buy more expensive ones.  But I so fell in love with these that I never bought the expensive ones at all. The shade “Bulletproof Beige,” was the one that I bought to use as a highlighter and I am not so much in love with this. There you have it! This was not a sure shot hit with me as the other ones in the range.



About the Product: High impact colour. Precision tip applicator. Ultra soft formula glides on smoothly. High-shine and luminous finish. Available in 15 shades (What!!!).


Rs 415/- for 3.25g product


My Experience with Rimmel London #002 Bulletproof Beige Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick:

To be honest, I am in love with Rimmel Scaldaleyes shadow sticks…they are so versatile, and easy to use. However, despite the beautiful shade of this crayon, I find this shade a bit too high maintenance. These shadow sticks come in a shapenable black wooden pencil format, with a transparent cap. I found the Idol Eyes stick format better actually, since the cap is colored the same as the stick, so can be located easily.


The shade is a pure gorgeous pale yellow champagne shade, with shimmer particles in it. The shimmer are more obvious, compared to Rose Gold, where the shimmer was just visible as a sheen. However, for most Indian skin tones, the shade is a bit too pale…to be used as just a shadow. But it does look beautiful as a highlighter shade.

The pencil is very soft…so soft that the tip has actually broken twice on me. As long as you do not apply too much pressure, you should be fine, I guess. The shadow stick glides beautifully on the eyelid, without any tugging or pulling; and without any grittiness at all.


The shadow is quite creamy in consistency, and you can easily get away with applying a very thin layer. However, it does seem to get patchy when you try to put on more layers, and you have to really blend…blend…blend…making it a real hassle if this is the only shadow you are wearing. The creamy consistency, however serves as a good base for other powder eye shadows.

The shadow lasts on and on…I have not tested it for 24 hours, but it did last for more than 10 hours, when I applied this as a highlighter; that too without a primer. It is waterproof and smudgeproof, after about 5-10 minutes of application….giving you ample time to blend it properly or correct any mistakes.




Pros of Rimmel London #002 Bulletproof Beige Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick:

  • Very easy to carry.
  • The cap closes firmly.
  • Beautiful, pale yellow champagne shade with golden micro shimmer.
  • Can be easily used for day look…as a highlighter shade.
  • Brightens the eyes.
  • Buttery smooth and soft consistency.
  • Non gritty.
  • Glides on lids smoothly.
  • Lasts easily for more than 10 hours.
  • Does not irritate the waterline.
  • Can serve as a base for other eye shadows.
  • Not expensive.

Cons of Rimmel London #002 Bulletproof Beige Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick:

  • Creases.
  • Difficult to be layered on with the same stick.
  • Sharpening leads to wastage.
  • Patchy, uneven application.
  • Tip breaks off with the slightest pressure.
  • Tends to clump at certain places during application.
  • The shade will not suit most Indian skin tones as an all over lid shade.

IMBB Rating:


Would I recommend Rimmel London #002 Bulletproof Beige Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick?

If you are a beginner, and have just started into highlighting or using creamy bases, you may go in for this product. However, almost every eyeshadow palette does have a more suitable highlighter shade in it…so this is not at all a must have shade. However, if you are very fair skinned, you may try on this shade…it is a beautiful shade in itself and may suit you.

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  1. Looks nice on you, Di. I don’t think it would suit me though 🙁 I might think of it as a highlighter, though 🙂 Thanks for the review 🙂

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