10 Saree Draping Styles for Wedding

Every woman loves buying the best sarees and jewelry for their wedding day to look like a queen. They want to look like an elegant diva, snatching away all the attention for the day. But it is also important to feel comfortable at the same time. In this post, I will tell you guys about different draping styles that a bride can try on her wedding day to do full justice to her gorgeous 6 yards of sheer elegance.

Gujrati Draping Style

Most North Indian women love to follow this style as it helps them flaunt the beautifully embroidered pallu. The pallu falls in the front in this style. You may pleat it into a side if your blouse is too gorgeous or cover the whole front area with it to show off the embroidery of the saree.

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Rajrani Draping Style

This is a modification of the Gujarati style and I personally feel it is a little more comfortable than the previous one. Here you will have to wear the same in the Gujarati style, making the pallu long and pleated at the front. Then you will have to take a corner of the pallu and pin it to another shoulder across the front. It looks like a V. This style is great for women who want to appear taller.

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Bengali Draping Style

If you want to look traditional and elegant at the same time, this is the best option for you. You can wear heavily embroidered sarees like benarasi in this style. It stays in place and looks elegant with every kind of saree. Here, the pleats are made broad and the pallu is wrapped twice around the body covering one shoulder at a time.

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Mundum Neriyathum Draping Style

This is a traditional two-piece saree from Kerala that resembles Mekhla from Assam. If you want to drape two sarees at the same time, this style is a beautiful option. One of the pieces is for the lower body and is pleated and worn like a skirt. The other part is attached to the waist and then wrapped across the blouse or pleated over the shoulder.

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Marathi Draping Style

If you love bold fashion this can be a perfect style for you. You have to wear the saree like a dhoti which gives a flared pant kind of look. You can pleat the pallu, leave it unpleated or wrap it around the body to look traditional.

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Casual Royal Style Drape

This draping style is easy, very common yet super elegant. You just have to make some pleats in the front and then attach the pallu to your shoulder without making a pleat. This, again, gives a good view of the embroidery of the pallu. You can also put the pallu over your head to give a very traditional, royal feel. Also, you can make the pallu long and pleated and then wrap it around your wrist to get a bold look. You may attach a belt to your waist to give the impression of a slimmer, stronger built.

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Double Draping Style

If you fall in love with two sarees while shopping for your Big-day, you can buy both and wear them in this style. It looks very different and unique. Basically here you will have one open pallu on one shoulder and a pleated pallu in another shoulder.

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Lehenga Draping Style

This is again a unique way to make your saree look like a lehenga. Instead of tucking in all pleats in the same area of the waist, spread them out around the waist to create the illusion of a lehenga skirt. The pallu is spread in the front (like in Gujarati style) which looks like the “urni”.

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Mermaid Draping Style

The mermaid draping style is great for women who want to look slim. It has no front pleats at all and the saree is wrapped like a skirt around the waist. Then a well-pleated pallu is made which is pinned to the shoulder. It creates an impression of a tight skirt with a fishtail-like appearance at the bottom.

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Cancan Skirt Saree Draping Style

If you want to look completely different in your saree, this is your best option. Take a gorgeous, flared, silk skirt and wear the saree over it in any possible way. You can pleat it anywhere you want and also the pallu can be attached in any possible way. The saree is flaunted amazingly in this style and gives a perfect fairytale vibe.

Cancan collage

The number of possibilities to look gorgeous in a saree are endless. You have to pick the one that suits you the best. Apart from brides, guests at wedding parties can also drape sarees in any of these styles and get praised. Let us know which style you are picking.

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