Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion Review

Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion

Hi everyone :pompom: Today I am going to review Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion. By now most of you would have come to know that I have oily acne prone skin after reading my posts. I have had this serious bout of acne around a year back, the mild ones are there throughout :yikes: I tried all available home remedies and most of the ointments and lotions available over the counter but nothing seemed to work. Finally I consulted a dermatologist and the situation came under control. During this painful tenure, I lay hands on Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion; let me tell you in detail about this product.

Product being reviewed: Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion.
Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion

What’s written on the bottle: A tried and tested formula for the care of pimples and acne. Containing wild turmeric, ashwagandha and neem, it helps to heal eruptions and check them from spreading. Soothes and purifies the skin, restoring its health and beauty.

Ingredients: Nowhere mentioned on the bottle (biggest turn off)
It comes in a boring blue transparent plastic bottle with a black twist up cap. It has a stopper with a hole to control the quantity needed. The price is INR 475(last year’s price, may have increased now) for 100ml.


Method of usage:
Apply only on pimples and acne at night with cotton wool. Leave on overnight, if sensitivity occurs, discontinue use.
My take on the product:
I had very high expectations from this product since it came from the beauty icon “The Shahnaz Hussain”. I have already described that it comes in a blue transparent bottle, the liquid inside is very runny, just like water, the colour of the lotion is the same as that of lacto calamine, in fact the smell also is quite same, the only difference is that Shah clear’s smell is 10 times stronger than that of lacto calamine and may be a problem for those who have sensitive nose. I applied this lotion at night and went off to sleep; it takes 4-5 minutes to dry as the consistency is quite runny. The next morning when I washed my face, I noticed absolutely no change in my face, the stubborn acne was the same and even the smaller zits were unchanged. I applied this lotion continuously for 8 days abut again I dint find any change in the bigger pimples, only the smaller ones had started to dry and the skin around those smaller acne was starting to peel off. I continued the same routine for 20 odd days but the effects were the same which I noticed after 8 days. It did not make my skin dry at all except for flaking near the smaller ones.

Also, when the bottle is kept stagnant for 2-3 hours, you can notice that the solid and the liquid part separate, the solid settles down and the liquid starts to float alone.

I finally reached to the conclusion that this is not a very effective lotion in curbing acne, there are better remedies to dry out the smaller zits, in fact many home remedies prove to be quite useful than this.


Pros of Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion:

1. Effective on smaller zits with continued application.
2. Has herbal ingredients like ashwagandha, wild turmeric and neem.

Cons of Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion:

1. Doesn’t do what it claims, ineffective on pimples.
2. The price is on a higher side.
3. Ingredients list is not mentioned.
4. Has strong medicated smell which is OTT.
5. Packaging is quite boring.

Will I buy again?
No, never ever!
IMBB Rating
2 out of 5

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55 thoughts on “Shahnaz Husain Shaclear Skin Clear Anti Pimple Lotion Review

  1. Its biphasic kind of lotion I think !! It clearly shows in the pic !! Its really bad, tht most of shahnaz hussain products are just expensive but do no good !

  2. :pan: :pan: :pan: to this dud-I hate stuff that doesnt do what they claim and yet costs like bomb :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff: :pissedoff:

    1. rauni :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: 😆 😆 😆 😆 :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2: :lol2:

  3. Thanks for the review Shivaniiiiiiiiiiiiii……….I am not at all a fan of Shahnaz Hussain’s products and reviews like these help me steer clear :weep: :weep: :weep: right now even I am having a bout of pimples…..besides Rosacnil….kasturi manjal is helping me a lot… try that too shivani :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:

      1. aying rauni….main wapas aaongi………….err…what was that dialogue from karan arjun……mere karan arjun…..wth….. :yawn: :yawn: :yawn:

        rauni….main review karoongi….meri oily sista….anyting for you….main will send lunch also phor you :drool: :stars:

        1. aye jomolayyy vari javannn…u do review u send dabba for me.ayeeeeeee hayeeeee mar javan gud kha ke…….!ha ha :puchhi:

    1. Pleasure jomuuuuu :)) come bak soon na we miss ur humourous comments here…. n even i dnt know wat is this kasturi majal ?:) ?:)

  4. Too bad it doesn’t work! Better options wud be Lotus tea tree gel (works to some extent) and Benzoyl peroxide ointment for spot application.

    1. ankita u and me here i go:
      neema packs on desk
      mixed with orange peel and mulatni,lotus gel sometimes,mostly benzoyl peroxide,oily skin and breakouts at the drop of a hat.
      alll DITTO.!LOL :yes:

    2. Thanks for the suggestion ankita but am taking homeopathic medicine now along with that trying the Vit C serum which some one had posed a week bak, its been 4 days and i can see the difference already

      1. shivani yes i am on treatment par kya kare insan to hain hi lalchi.even though i have prescribed face wash,toner and creams .nothing stops me from buying anything that works.ehawwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :joker:

      2. also shivani i think the derma is going just okay okay.not much hes given me some sebamed stuff a derma and more.will tell u about them.its been 1 month nah.also id review each product individually so u all as to what each product does on its own. :thumbsup:

        1. I have lost faith in derma’s also, till the time I am under medication i am ok, as soon as i leave it again the acne is back along with a hell lot of side effects 😥

  5. Somehow I always trust my derma for such things..never tried anything from Shahnaz Husain and now will not try them as mos to their products are plain expensive..right now m suing SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Foam and its pretty good for pimples and blackheads..though the face wash is on expensive side but totally worth it..its only been 4 days I am using this and already feel a diff in my blackheads :waytogo:

    1. Is this Sebamed clear face was available easily Parita n how much is it for? u know wat, i am writing the reply for u n mujhe wo gulab jamun yaad arahe hain :hihi:

      1. hey shivani..yes Sebamed is easily available in all H&G stores and medical shops..i got mine from H&G store and its mrp is 550 but its totally worth it as it will go for long time :))

  6. hi jomolayyyyyyyyy long tym no see. . . .

    thnks for d review shivani … looks same like lactocalamine … lacto also has d same result. . . dries up small zits

  7. Ridssssssssssssss….yeah buzy buzy I was………..missed you all badly… want to get back badly….asap……. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. hey shivani….i had a similar experience with shahnaz husain’s oxygen skin treatment cream :yikes: …..her products r all on the higher side but fail to deliver…except for the veg peel….which I just loved…. 🙂

      1. ya shivani….my skin s also very oily….n around the month only for a few days…my skin is clear…otherwise one or two zits appear occasionally 🙁 😥 …i will review the veg peel soon…it one of the best products from shahnaz husain….. :)) 🙂

  9. JOMOLAYYY please send luch for me too… me hungry and will eat maggi nnoww *sob sob*

    I hate companies playing with apna emotions.. acne is such a sensitive issue and I get very angry when companies play with that…

    I hope you get all better soon… I keep a tube of benzoyl peroxide with me.. when feel Im getting pimples- that along with a toothpaste always works for me!

    1. Thanks for ur concern beeni :(( this acne to doesnt ever leave me, these daz am taking homeopathic medicine as i am sick n tired of alopathic which i may hav had for not less than 5yrs :pan: homeopathy will work slowly but no side effects atleast

  10. Ooooh :(( This sounds bad. That too it is not inexpensive! It sucks that it promises so much and then fails to deliver. I have never tried Shahnaz Husain products – somehow never felt like it. And such reviews further reinforce that feeling 🙂
    Thank you Shivani! :))

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