7 Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal Method

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Laser treatments are one among the most common hair removal methods people opt for. Laser treatments can be used to remove unwanted hair from your face or any the other part of the body. The results of undergoing laser treatment are permanent, but there are several side effects which have been observed. Although laser hair removal method may give you guaranteed results, sometimes, it may not guarantee you with the best results. Few women experience regrowth of hair within six months, which are lighter and finer than before.

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Well, if you are considering laser hair removal method, you should also know the side effects of this process. Check out the side effects of laser hair removal method.

1. Redness:

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One among the common side effects of laser treatment is redness on the skin. Although the expert uses numbing cream on your skin before the treatment, the redness is there on the face for a few days. Sometimes, redness can get worst due to several factors. You should visit the doctor if this gets worse after a few days. Redness may last for 1-7 days.

2. Changes in pigmentation:

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Change in pigmentation can be another side effect of laser hair removal method. You might observe slight pigmentation problem after the laser therapy. The skin may get lighter or darker than usual. It may take at least 7-15 days for your skin to come back to your normal skin color. Pigmentation change is generally common for people with dark skin.

3. Blisters:

Some of the women may also suffer from blisters on the face. Although blisters are quite rare, there are chances that you may have blisters on your face especially when you have sensitive skin. Blistering is generally due to overlapping laser treatments or when you undergo the treatment carried by an unskilled expert. So, it is very important to check with your expert before the treatment.

4. Infection:

Another rare, yet serious side effect of laser hair removal method is infections on the skin. Some of them suffer from infection which may generally be due to unhygienic skin conditions. Once you are done with the laser treatment, you should always consider cleaning your face thoroughly. Clean your face after the procedure to prevent an appearance of infection on the skin.

5. Itching:

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One among the common side effects of laser hair removal method is itching. Generally, 99 percent of women suffer from slight itching issues which may be there for a week. Itching and redness of the skin is a problem that a person may suffer after undergoing laser hair removing method.

6. Laser hair removal burns:

One among the common dangers which are associated with this treatment is laser hair removal burns. Burns may occur if the skin, instead of the hair follicles, absorbs the laser energy. Laser burns may be much common for the people with dark skin because skin with dark pigmentation absorbs laser much more easily. Generally, the burns may be mild but there are several times when you may also observe serious burns on the skin.

7. Pain on the skin:

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Numbness or pain on the freshly treated is another common side effect of the laser hair removal method. You may also observe slight bruising on the skin which is generally due to the formation of a scab on the treated area. This side effect generally lasts for 1-6 days and your skin may return to normality after a few days.

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