11 Signs That You Are Dating the Right Guy

Most of us are dating someone in our life and we also plan for the future with THE guy and these dreams seem so beautiful. But before that you really need to analyze your relationship with him. You need to know first about your relationship basics to understand that can he be the best guy of your life? Or are you guys really compatible to spend your life together? Just to find answers of these questions, I have found out 11 ways or signs that make you confident about your guy.

Signs Dating Right Guy

• You two communicate and connect.
By this I don’t just simply mean about your talking time. That is ok if you talk for 2-3 hours a day. But in that time are you guys really connecting to each other? Or just talking about everything else rather than you two? Don’t just talk, communicate and connect with each other is the most important thing in a relationship.

• You are never bored with him.
I have seen many of my friends who have a guy in their life but they still find some boredom or they find their man always in the same style and so on. You know what I mean. Your guy would be the perfect guy to be with in future if he is not boring at all. Like every time he experiments with his dressing sense or hair style, you always find that good and exciting. Trust me, if this is so than you should never let him go because he manages every time to keep you happy and smiling.

• He not just cares about you, but is a little possessive too.
We all think that possessiveness should not be there in any relationship, not even a bit. But no girls, this is not true. We all want our guy to be a little jealous, little possessive and a lot caring for us. If he is not possessive at all for you, then you going to miss those little lovely moments when he gets jealous about you talking to other guy , about him being protective and off course you don’t want to miss that. If he is possessive and protective about you than you can really give this a shot.

• He is the first person on your counting list.
We all have a list of people on whom we can really count on in our life. Obviously that list starts with your family and then if he is the second person in your list of people on whom you can count then you really need to be with him for life. If you have not experienced this yet , then go ahead and find out whether he is available for you at times of difficulty or not.

• You trust him and he trusts you too.
Trust and loyalty is seriously the base of any relationship. If you lack these two things, you are never going to have a good, long lasting and healthy relationship. If you trust him, good, but if he trusts you like totally then you need to be very sure about him. I have seen many men who continually doubt on their girls or ask so many questions about their guy friends, which is seriously too bad. Make him know all your close friends and then if he is ok with them or not doubting on you than he is really a man worth spending life with as he understands you and gives you your personal space too.

• He puts in some efforts equal to you or more than you.
If your guy really puts in efforts to make things work between you guys or if he is the one who deals with the fights and sought out things making you win at the end of an argument than he is really the most adorable guy you are going to find ever. Because many men are usually of that mentality that to make a relationship work, only girls need to do the things. Huh.

• He always gives you a part in his decision making.
I love this about my man. He always gives me this important role in his life of taking part in his decisions. Like even in little things, when we go out for shopping, he always asks me to choose things for him and I totally love that. Even in his important life decisions, me and my decision is equally important for him.  If you guys have the same bond then go ahead with him girl.

• He never asked you to change.
I am honestly accepting it here because I really connect with IMBB.  When my relationship started , I was about 50 kgs and flawless. After 3-4 years of my relationship I was all fat from 50 to 69.yess and that finally made my guy a little angry. Not because he wants to date a super good looking girl but because I really stopped caring about myself. That was the time he started to tell me for bring that change, that good change in me. If you have also had the same situation then this is not considered in this point. But apart from such things if he constantly asks you to change or do things according to him even if you don’t want to, then no need to plan out any sought of future relationship with him.

• He supports you in all your decisions.
Obviously you don’t want a puppet in your life so don’t expect him to support your wrong decisions. But once you take decisions of you life of going abroad, or working for your own self etc , he is the first person who is with you , stands by your side and always supports, then he is going to be the best husband 🙂

• He treats your friends and other people well.
This is a must have quality in any guy with whom you are planning your future. The way he treats other people is a great indicator of his personality. Your friend and also other random people get treated well by him then this is the best part of your guy. His generosity and kindness is something really amazing.

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• You guys can really see eye to eye.
That filmy bollywood movie moment. But this is really a cute thing if you guys can seriously do this like if he secretly stares at you or glances randomly, or if you guys can really be in the room the whole day , just talking and not being bored by each other , in fact still wanting to stay in that same room without being bored.

Well, these are all just little signs to know about the best part of your relationship and your guy. There could be many more that make you feel like being with him for life. But if these are the points that you relationship and guy seriously has then don’t think twice about him.

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