SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion Review

About SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion:

The final part of your cleansing routine, Facial Treatment Clear Lotion contains AHA to gently and effectively removed impurities, dirt and dead skin cells to leave you with perfectly conditioned and ultra-fresh skin. The wipe-off clarifying lotion nourishes skin leaving it clean, lively and perfectly conditioned.

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Helps to refine skin’s texture
Helps to increase skin’s firmness
Helps to reduce severe signs of ageing
Alcohol free

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I have been trying out this lotion for the past two months now. Initially, I was intrigued as to what this exactly is, a toner, lotion, moisturizer, or acne care product. With usage, I realized this was a soothing toner for my skin, and the gentlest ever, at that.This is an amazingly unique product and could be my HG toner as I find it so gentle for my sensitive, normal to dry skin tone (initially acne-prone and oily in my twenties).

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This lotion comes in a huge glass bottle, which is a big turn off for me, I need to keep it the highest in my shelf or dresser, for my daughter to avoid breaking it, every time I handle it, I need to be super careful. It remind me of some old fashioned Eau De Cologne bottle. SKII has many other products made of such glass bottles too,anyway to each his own.

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The opening of the lotion is nice, you can simply place cotton pad and saturate it but no too much, think of it as a toner to use after using a face wash or makeup remover. What I do on a full skin care day is use remover for makeup, face wash and then pat skin dry.Post that, I take this on a cotton pad and I can still see more grime or makeup on the pad after swiping it on, it is more like the remaining traces from the skin come off with this, skin feels smoother, hydrated but not at all greasy. I focus on my t-zone, and pores, avoiding eyes.

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I like the after effects of this lotion, it is like a gentle toner, it does not give you that sticky feel, but still takes care of the dryness post face wash, it slightly moistens your skin but at the same time, skin look fresh and matte, I cannot say my pores look smaller with this but I can surely feel skin is more clean than ever before without any drying part of a toner or astringent.This is like a wonderful preparatory step to my moisturizer.


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Coming to the best part, this is so so so gentle, this is like best toner ever for all skin types, yes even dry and acne prone skin.Now this has hardly any scent, which I love. Then again, this does not sting at all, it is like water on my skin, trust me, may be even more gentle than rose water! I love this as a toner post cleansing and I recommend this to all skin types.Do not expect miracles for pores or acne but still this balances and calms down my skin like their is no tomorrow. I am impressed with this product and the gentle calming properties it has.

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Buy it as a part three of your makeup and skin cleansing routine. I cannot say this has made my skin tone even or anything, but smoother for sure.I has not helped with my occasional pimples either.This part”nourishes skin leaving it clean, lively and perfectly conditioned.” is absolutely true.This bottle will last you close to 6 months when used twice.

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