SK-II Signs Eye Mask Review

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Here’s another product from the brand “SK-II.” I hardly use eye care products, the only eye creams that I have are the small tubs of Clinique’s All About Eyes that I receive as generous GWPs from the SAs. You know my fascination with samples and I have quite a lot of tubs, so there ends my eye care regimen. But when I was scanning through SK-II products, I thought it’s time to give my eyes a better treat 😛 Read on to know whether this eye mask is worth the splurge.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

Product Description:
An antiaging, reviving eye mask with Pitera and a combination of vitamin B3, E, and pro-vitamin B5.

What it is formulated to do:
This ultra-soft cotton mask is saturated in moisturizers, and enhanced with Pitera and an exclusive hydrating Cell Treatment Complex which includes a combination of vitamins B3, E, and pro-vitamin B5, specifically designed to help reduce the look of fine lines around the eye. The mask helps to smooth fine lines, deeply hydrate, and revive the delicate eye area.  It is formulated without sulfates, GMOs.


SK-II Signs Eye Mask


Rs. 5314 for 14 pads.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

My Experience with SK-II Signs Eye Mask:

These 14 eye masks come in a box, in individually packed and sealed covers.  You have to rip open each pack and since it’s one-time use mask, you cannot store it for later use because the eye pads dry up pretty quickly. When you open up the wrapper, two cotton sheet eye pads fully drenched in essence can be seen housed in a plastic tray sort of thing. These two pads are shaped in a way that they would fit nicely under the eye area without slipping off.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

The eye pads are made up of soft cotton material, hence do not irritate the delicate under eye skin. These pads do not create any stinging or tingling sensation on the skin, so it’s completely safe for sensitive skin too.  I tried putting the mask in the refrigerator to get a cooling effect, but since the pack is well sealed, it does not cool down. Keeping them in the refrigerator after opening up would dry up the essence, so it’s best to use them as it is and as soon as possible.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

I do get puffy eyed some times after spending a lot of time before various screens 😛 I have tried using this mask on my dark eye circles and honestly, I haven’t seen any difference.  Also, it does not do anything to smooth out fine lines under the eyes.  So, basically, all the claims that it makes fall flat and you are left wondering what the extra bucks are for. I mean, I have used Purederm Soothing Cucumber Pads that works in the same way and cost only Rs. 124 for 10 pads.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

I know it has the highly glorified “pitera” compound, but I haven’t seen its magic in this product.  I was thinking that it would show results with regular use, but I have used a lot out of the box and haven’t seen anything good actually.

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

Of course, it hydrates and moisturizes the under eye area, but that’s it, don’t expect more from it!

SK-II Signs Eye Mask

I really do not think the price is justified for this product.  Even if you have the monies, don’t splurge on this one!

Pros of SK-II Signs Eye Mask:

  • The eye pads fit the under eye area nicely
  • Soft, cotton sheets that do not irritate sensitive skin.
  • The eye masks are sealed in securely in individual packets.
  • Hydrates under eye area.
  • Moisturizes under eye area.
  • Safe on sensitive skin.

Cons of SK-II Signs Eye Mask:

  • Does not reduce under eye dark circles.
  • Has no effect on fine lines.
  • Does not work on puffy eyes.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend SK-II Signs Eye Mask?

I wouldn’t repurchase and as I mentioned before, even if you have the monies, don’t splurge on this one!

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  1. That’s pretty sad, Chechi 🙁 But lovely review 🙂 How did you celebrate your Birthday? Hope you had great fun.

  2. That’s pretty sad, Chechi 🙁 But lovely review 🙂 How did you celebrate your Birthday? Hope you had a great time.

  3. OMG! these are such a dud Jomo…with the price touching the sky, one would expect so much out of the product!!!

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