Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask Review

Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask Review

Sometime back I saw review for an eye gel mask on this site and that day itself I decided to buy one for myself. Somehow the eye gel mask from the brand reviewed was out of stock and I settled down for Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask. As I was desperate to get one and Faces being a good brand, did not made me think twice before making this purchase.

faces smoothing eye gel mask review

Price: 95Rs/-

Product description:
Use it cold or hot and get the relaxing and rejuvenating Spa treatment for your eyes. It comforts tired puffy eyes.

My experience with Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask:

faces smoothing eye gel mask

I work in an industry where I need to stare at the laptop/computer screen for 9 to 11 hours every day. And thanks to my addiction of blogging and browsing, at home also I stay glued to my laptop till late night. All this puts huge strain on my eye. Add to it, I also have glasses, which I always neglect to use when at home, and that leads to head ache. I have read that when our eyes are exposed to light (through computer or TV) for very long, it takes longer time to fall asleep. I am one of such people who don’t get sleep as soon as they go on bed.It takes me 40 minutes to 1 hour to fell asleep and sometimes this time increases till 2-3 hours. It is very frustrating, when one wants to sleep but doesn’t get sleep. So in whole I can say that my eyes go through lots of abuse, and gets very less rest.

With the Faces smoothing eye gel mask I decided to pamper my eyes, and Let me tell you, this mask really relaxes tired eyes. The day I used this mask for the first time, I kept it in refrigerator for 30 minutes and then wore it on my eyes. Just before wearing this, I was working on laptop, and as I wore this eye mask, water started to come out of my eyes. I first got panicked but decided to keep the mask on. And when I removed the mask my eyes felt very light and fresh, my eyes were relaxed. However, no water came out of eyes in later usages, I guess the first time I was working and then wore the mask so sudden change of temperature made my eyes water. I also use this cold mask when I go to bed, it relaxes my eyes and I get sleep quickly. So it gets full marks from me for relaxing my eyes.

faces smoothing eye gel mask

This mask also claims to reduce puffy eyes. Thankfully I don’t have the problem of puffy eyes, but looking at the cooling and relaxing feel it gives to my eyes, I am sure it will wonderfully reduce puffy eyes too.

The gel inside is blue in color which looks very cool and soothing. The elastic band connected with the mask is soft, and does not stretch hair or irritates me. It fits easily, and the shape of the mask covers my eyes fully. The pouch, in which it comes, can be used to store it. In whole, I am in love with this eye gel mask.

Pros of Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask:

  •  Relaxes stressed eyes.
  •  Soothes and gives cooling effect to eyes.
  •  Helps me get sleep.
  •  Reduces headache due to stressed eyes.
  •  Easy to use and clean.
  •  Inexpensive.
  • Easily available online with great discounts.

faces smoothing eye gel mask

Cons of Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask:

  • Availability can be an issue for people who don’t prefer online shopping.

Final Verdict on Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask:

It’s a must buy for everyone who wants to distress their eyes. The relaxation it gives for this price is amazing.

IMBB Rating:5/5

Will I repurchase Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask:

For sure, I need one for my husband now.

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26 thoughts on “Faces Smoothing Eye Gel Mask Review

  1. I reviewed the basicare one few days back. both of the eye masks are totally similar in the appearance and in their work 🙂

      1. faces one seems equally good Sweta. will definitely try it when i break my present eye mask. 😛
        I am so glad that decided to get it after reading my review and you liked the mask 🙂

  2. Nice review swetha. I had tried using this faces eye mask, but it didnt suit me. I kept in fridge for an hr and then put it on my eyes and slept for about an hr. The time I woke up my vision was not normal. All the images were blurred. Then subsequently after 15mins it became normal. But I accept that it gives instant relief for eyes. Dont know why it happened like that for me :-(.

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