The Face Shop Tiare Daily Perfumed Hand Cream Review

Hand Type: Dry and Rough

Hello, beauties!

The Face Shop offers so many good hand creams. I have already reviewed the ‘Orchid’ one and today I am going to talk about their ‘Tiare’ hand cream. Let’s get into the review.


Price: Rs. 300/- for 30 ml
Product Description:
Complex of the best 3 moisture agent (Vaseline, shea butter, olive oil) keep the skin moist all day long. Hyaluronic acid form moisture layer on the skin to prevent skin evaporation. Choose hand cream fragrance according to everyday mood and concept.


My Experience with The Face Shop Tiare Daily Perfumed Hand Cream:

The Face Shop hand cream comes in a very cute, small and light pastel green plastic tube with a brown cap. This tube is so small and pretty that it is super easy to carry in my handbag. I always need to carry a hand cream so this one is perfect for me. Also, the dispenser provides the right amount of the product at once. I really like this tube packaging. It contains only 30 ml cream which might look a little pricey to some; but this cream will appear affordable if you compare it to the creams from other brands like The Body Shop.

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This Tiare hand cream has a beautiful smell of jasmine. It is just like a fresh floral smell which attracts me a lot. I am a big fan of jasmine fragrance, so it is just a heavenly smell for me. It is a romantic scent that will be liked by everyone. I love this fresh scent and it never feels overpowering. It is good enough for those who do not prefer strong fragrances.


The hand cream has a medium thick creamy texture and it is pure white in color. The cream blends smoothly on the hands and gets absorbed quickly, like within a few minutes. Hence, it never feels slippery or greasy on my palms. There is no stickiness, so I can work normally after applying this cream. It feels very fresh and smooth on the hands and it instantly changes the rough texture of my skin. This cream provides good moisturization to my dry hands and makes them smoother.


During this dry season my palms turn super dry and rough; my hands even look white and sometimes the skin starts to flake. But this hand cream keeps my skin smooth and soft throughout the day and my hands do not look rough at all. There is no flaking either, so I really love the way this cream keeps my hand hydrated. Even though this isn’t a rich cream, it keeps my hands soft and smooth. I do not think many people like super thick and rich hand creams, hence this one will be liked by everyone.


This lightweight hand cream never makes my palms sweaty. The formula has the perfect amount of moisture for all skin types. This formula will work perfectly during summer too. It reduces the dry, rough texture of the skin and hides dry patches too. It feels so nice on my hands and also adds a nice glow to dull texture.


Its effects stay for around 5-6 hours with normal work. My hands do not turn dry during this time period. Also, this softness does not go away if I wash my hands with water. But I need to reapply this cream if I wash my hands with soap. It also needs reapplication after every 5-6 hours but I do not mind it.


Overall, I really like this cute hand cream. It smells so good and gives a very pleasant feeling. Also, it works well to keep my hands soft and moisturised. It is a perfect hand cream to enjoy during this dry season.

Pros of The Face Shop Tiare Daily Perfumed Hand Cream:

⦁ Pretty, travel-friendly packaging.
⦁ Affordable.
⦁ Beautiful scent of jasmine.
⦁ Pleasant, floral scent will be liked by everyone.
⦁ Creamy texture glides smoothly.
⦁ Gets absorbed quickly.
⦁ Provides desired nourishment to dry hands.
⦁ Makes hands super smooth and soft.
⦁ Instantly hides dry, rough texture.
⦁ Keeps hands soft for around 5 hours.
⦁ Does not feel oily or slippery.
⦁ Lightweight formula.
⦁ Never makes my palms sweaty.

Cons of The Face Shop Tiare Daily Perfumed Hand Cream:

⦁ Some might find it a little pricey for the quantity.
⦁ Availability in India.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase The Face Shop Tiare Daily Perfumed Hand Cream?
Since I am obsessed with this cream, I am going to pick it up again. If you too love floral scents, buy this one.

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