These 9 Waxing Commandments will Give You The Softest Skin Ever!

For many of us, waxing is all about the oohs, aahs and ouchs!  Although, you may believe that waxing totally depends on your beautician’s expertise, there are few commandments that involve your role too. You need to be pretty alert about the process of waxing in order to make it painless and to get soft, bump-free skin. Whether you are going for wax for the first time, or have been getting it done for decades now, following these commandments will help you reap unbelievable results.

These 9 Waxing Commandments will Give You The Softest Skin Ever3

Do Not Drink Any Caffeinated Drink before Your Session

You are not advised to drink any alcoholic or caffeinated drink before your waxing session. This is because such drinks can make your skin more sensitive which may make it hurt more during the process. Hence, before your appointment, you must skip such drinks and switch to some juices or stick to just water.

Exfoliate A Night Before

These 9 Waxing Commandments will Give You The Softest Skin Ever

Exfoliation can help to remove dead skin cells which, in turn, can make the process easier and pain free. You can exfoliate with the help of a loofah and then proceed using a body wash that contains salicylic acid. Salicylic acid helps to keep the pores dirt free and also unclogs the pores; doing this results in more smooth skin and lessens the occurrence of ingrown hair.

Skip Waxing During Periods

Yes, you should skip waxing during your periods, no matter how urgent it might be. During periods, your skin is too sensitive and fragile to bear the process and it decelerates the healing process too. Also, due to hormonal imbalance in the body, ingrown hair is not pulled out easily and completely. Wait for a week after your cycle and then schedule your appointment.

Know Before You Take The Plunge

These 9 Waxing Commandments will Give You The Softest Skin Ever1

Before waxing, make sure you are aware about different types of wax and their uses. You cannot simply book an appointment and leave everything blindly on the beautician. You should always discuss your skin type and if you are allergic to any special ingredient beforehand.

Never Shave before Appointments

Choose one – either shave your body, or go for waxing. If you shave just before the waxing appointment, those ingrown hair will remain under your skin even after waxing. As we all know, ingrown hair is really annoying and calls for constant efforts from your side.

Take A Bath with Warm Water

These 9 Waxing Commandments will Give You The Softest Skin Ever4

On the day of your appointment, you should bath with warm water. Warm water helps to open up the pores and to pull out all the dirt as it can make the process easy. You should always skip using any fruit wash or fruit based soaps on the skin, as they are highly active when in contact with warm water, further leading to allergies.

Wear The Right Clothes

Your skin needs to breathe after getting stripped due to waxing. So, wear cotton clothes, and especially cotton panties while going for Brazilian wax. Ditch all those things that are tight, especially tight jeans, tops, jeggings and so on. Allow your skin to breathe.

Let Milk Rescue You

There are many people who experience instant itching and redness over skin after waxing. You can dip one side of cloth in milk and keep it over skin for some time. You can alternatively also keep ice cubes or rub some aloe vera gel on the inflamed and red skin. This can help to soothe the skin and also reduces inflammation.

Get It Done Regularly from The Salon You Are Most Comfortable At

These 9 Waxing Commandments will Give You The Softest Skin Ever2

You should get your wax done within every 3-4 weeks, depending upon the hair growth. For some, they can go longer between waxing sessions while others need to head to the salon more frequently. You should also try to stick to one beautician with whom you are comfortable.

Have happy waxing sessions ahead! 🙂

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