Things You Must Know Before Going For Brazilian Wax

By Surabhi Pisal

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Did you take a strange involuntary breath when you saw the title of the post ? Not to worry, I was one of you too – scared and astonished with the concept of Brazilian waxing! Indian girls don’t opt for it much as we don’t need sunbathing. And, therefore, no sun bathing suits! (we get sun tanned even though we don’t need it, that too in full length clothes! *sigh*) Personal hygiene ‘down there’ plays a very important role just as it does for any other body part. Many girls prefer different methods for grooming their lady parts – shaving, trimming, sugaring and waxing (yes I said lady parts, please don’t feel embarrassed, it’s time we spill the beans!). Shaving and trimming need maintenance every 3-4 days while the latter two needs no maintenance for even weeks.

Things You Must Know Before Going For Brazilian Wax

Brazilian waxing can be done either in salons by experienced professionals or can be done at home if you REALLY know how to do it the right way. I got my first Brazilian wax in a salon, but later opted for doing it at home myself. Brazilian waxing at salons is way too expensive – between INR 1500-2000. I have been doing my own Brazilian wax since last 2 years and now I can easily finish it in less than 30 minutes.

Here Are Some Tips For Doing Brazilian Waxing At Home:

Things You Must Know Before Going For Brazilian Wax2

• Home Alone!

Make sure you are alone at home, especially if you are attempting it for the first time. You obviously don’t want anybody to walk in when you are in a funny position or knock at the door and disturb you or maybe, you would not want anybody hear you scream. Just kidding! You, probably, won’t be in much pain if you do it the right way.

• Length Matters!

Make sure the length of hair is one-fourth or half an inch long, but not more than that. Trim your hair to the required length before waxing. Long hair may interrupt with the direction of wax being applied and create a painful mess.

• Dry And Clean!

Keep the area dry before applying wax. Have a good wash and dry it with towel. Apply powder to make it dry and less prone to wax getting stuck on the skin.

• One Direction!

Apply wax in the direction of hair growth, press waxing strip firmly on it and pull in opposite direction. Make sure you hold your skin taut. This will lessen the pain. You may need a mirror to see the waxing area clearly.

• Take A Bath!

After you are done with waxing, have a good warm bath to remove any wax residues and soothe the irritated skin. It is most likely that the area will be inflamed and red. Do not worry, the redness will vanish in a day or two.

Tips for Salon Brazilian Wax Appointment:

Things You Must Know Before Going For Brazilian Wax1

• Have a nice bath before going to the salon. You obviously won’t like the waxing professional to feel weird.
• Trim your hair to the required length before going to the salon.
• You may feel a bit shy in front of the stranger who will be doing your waxing. This is normal, everyone feels the same! The professional has already seen all different kinds of lady parts, so she won’t give it a damn.
• Some salons use hard wax which does not require strips. Hard wax works better than normal hot wax.
• Make sure the professional is using a different strip every 2-3 rips and not dipping the spatula in the same wax container again (in case of wooden spatula ). If you witness this happening, do not visit the salon again. You obviously can make out the waxing lady is not experienced.

General Tips:

• Some may get ingrown hair. Make exfoliation an everyday task to avoid ingrown hair.
• I do not recommend any pain killers. Whatever you consume is not going to numb the area completely.
• Do not attempt to use hair epilators! Trust me, just don’t! I have tried using one and I have no words to explain the amount of pain! Seriously, the worst pain ever!!!
• Do not use any fancy creams and lotions there. You obviously do not want to change the pH level of that area and facilitate growth of bacteria.
• The skin there is sensitive before your menstrual cycle. Try not to wax few days before the commencement of your cycle.

The hair gets thinner and more sparse after every wax, and will keep the area smooth and soft for longer. It does pain, but is bearable. I recommend getting your first few Brazilian wax sessions at a good salon before attempting waxing at home. This will lessen the growth and it may get easier to wax after few times.

So girls, are you brave enough to ditch razors and switch to waxing? If yes, you won’t go back to shaving ever! Any questions or doubts, please write it in the comments section and I would answer happily.

Till then, go be beautiful! :* :* :*

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17 thoughts on “Things You Must Know Before Going For Brazilian Wax

  1. I am still too scared to do it. But, someday, when I am feeling way too adventurous, I will get it done! 😉

  2. Informative article..have been thinking of doing it for the past 6 months..but I have not been able to get the courage..Reading your post is hopefully taking me a bit closer to make it to the salon 🙂

  3. Do you use hot wax at home??? I feel it is pretty tough to manage…You need to heat it n cool it n heat it again :/…

    1. hello esha, i have an automatic wax heater which balances the heat and the wax remains hot throughout! i need not heat it every now and then! and yea, i use hot wax, but i will be purchasing a hard wax soon just to see how that works. though i am ok with the hot wax. :))

        1. i do not recommend using readymade waxing strips as they wont be able to remove the thick and coarse hair properly and would make the waxing painful! *ouch* cold wax..ummm i haven’t tried yet!

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