5 Tips Every Beginner Needs Before Hitting the Gym

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Each person at one point comes to a conclusion that now is the time to hit the gym and become fit. So, we will be sharing some tips for beginners to help them get started.

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1) Drink Water Before, During and After Workout :

Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know Before Hitting The Gym

Water is an essential part when it comes to being fit. You need to consume at least 3 liters daily for a healthy body. Now the timing is what some people aren’t aware of. You shouldn’t drink water directly before a workout because that might cause stomach cramps, especially if you’re running soon after. You must consume 1 liter of water at least 1 hour before working out to avoid those cramps and still stay hydrated. During the workout I know how tired you must get, some might even palpitate but that doesn’t mean you gulp down water like a human in a desert. You must take only 1-2 sips (max!) to just burn that thirst. I used to sip water every 10 minutes so I don’t feel too thirsty while I’m working out. After you are done exercising, you must consume at least 500 ml before eating anything. Remember not to drink after eating because that will just mess up things in your tummy. But be sure to eat after 20 minutes of drinking water 🙂

2) Concentrate On Cardio First To Burn All That Fat :

Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know Before Hitting The Gym

This point goes to all those who currently have more fat than muscle in their body. If you are more than 70 kilograms, I would advise you to stick to cardio and your diet. Weight training will help you, I agree but it’s always better to first lose all that water weight and most of the fat to then tone your body through weights later on (tried and tested!). I used to walk every day for a minimum period of 60 minutes. If you’re starting to walk on the treadmill, I’d advise you to not go on incline and go from a slow speed to a fast one. Start walking for 40 minutes minimum if you’re a beginner increasing the minutes every day. When I started my journey, I was a little over 90 kgs and when I first walked on the treadmill, I started walking on the speed of 4! I started increasing the speed gradually and now I walk on the speed of 7 comfortably! But once you increase your speed, you must not decrease it. Take your time on the speed you’re comfortable in and don’t walk on a high speed if you can’t keep up because that will lead to muscle damage (tried and tested that too). I’d say if you’re walking for 60 minutes, start with the speed of 5 and every 10 minutes increase the speed by +.2.
For example –
0-10 minutes – 5.00,
10-20 minutes – 5.2,
20-30 minutes – 5.4,
30-40 minutes – 5.6,
40-50 minutes – 5.8
50-60 minutes – 6.00
60-70 minutes – Cool down going reverse every 2 minutes (6-5.8, 5.8-5.6, 5.6-5.4, 5.4-5.2 and finally 5.2-5.00) and stop.

3) What To Eat Prior Your Workout Session :

Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know Before Hitting The Gym

There are many beginners out there who aren’t really sure of what to eat before a good workout session. I’d advise you to eat 30 minutes before your workout and not a minute after to avoid any kind of cramps. I used to juggle my pre-workout foods every time I went to the gym. My best picks would be – 1-2 small Oranges or 1 Apple or 1 cup of Coffee or 1 small bowl of sukha Bhel or 1 cup of Yogurt (preferably low fat). You can also eat 3-5 Almonds or Dates if you’re feeling weak/dizzy in between your workout.

4) Stretching Is A Necessity :

Tips Every Beginner Needs to Know Before Hitting The Gym

Some of us don’t pay attention on stretching as much as we should. I, myself, used to not stretch much because I found it time-consuming so I rarely did it. But you always must otherwise, like me, you will end up with a damaged muscle (oops!). The best time to stretch is before a workout and after a workout. But then you may question, if you stretch before a workout a muscle might get pulled because you haven’t warmed up. So what you should do is, walk on the treadmill for 10-12 minutes and then stretch, that’s what I did. After that I would continuously walk for 60 minutes and after I was done, I would stretch again to avoid any muscle pain or even damage for that matter.

5) Rules You Must Follow While You Are In The Gym :
Everyone has a few rules to follow while they’re hitting the gym. The first being, whenever you use the dumbbells or plates, always rack them up after you are done with your sets. It truly is bad manners to just throw the dumbbells down waiting for the peon or floor trainer to pick them up. Secondly, if you’re weight training and sweating (obviously) you should carry a napkin or towel to wipe off your sweat from the bench or seat so that the other person can workout comfortably. Thirdly, skip the gym if you’re unwell. That’s the last place anyone wants to get germs!

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5 thoughts on “5 Tips Every Beginner Needs Before Hitting the Gym

  1. Such an awesome and much needed article Shamail. I can’t believe you used to weigh that much. I see sheer hard work when I look at your pics. I really need this. Due to hormones and personal stress I have gained whopping 15 kgs in the past one year. But, I have taken charge of my health now and workout 5 times a week and eat healthy. Thanks for tips and motivation. Lots of love. 🙂

  2. Hi

    Nice Article. One of the issues I am facing is hair cleanliness. One hour of workout make me sweat and I necessarily need to wash them else the scalp (Extremely oily scalp with fine hair) gets irritated. Washing daily is thinning them.
    Caught between the devil and deep sea, would appreciate any and all the tips and tricks.


    1. Hii Ruchi!
      You can try to tie your hair in a bun to avoid the sweaty hair. . You can also apply a little baby powder on your hair to absorb all that sweat or you can even make a braid so your hair isn’t affected by the sweat so much. . I do all this 🙂
      BUT NEVER EVER WASH YOUR HAIR EVERYDAY. Try to have a head bath 2-3 times a week and not more than that.

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