Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo Review

Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo Review

Hello make-up addicts,

How have you all been? I am loving the rainy weather and the winters are coming soon.  I enjoy winters a lot; no tanned up skin and no bad hair days like monsoons. Coming to today’s review, it is a shampoo from Toni and Guy.  Toni and Guy has been one brand that I always wanted to try, so thought of picking up a smaller variant of this shampoo. I was done with my Organix Mandarin and Olive Oil Shampoo, so the decision of picking this was even easier. Let’s see how this product worked for my hair type.



Rs. 200 for 75 ml.

Product Description:

Designed for daily use, this mild formula helps to gently cleanse, while working on the outer cuticle to help enhance added shine. Gives hair a more revitalized and refreshed look. Best for Normal Hair, everyday use.  Its active ingredients like Cationic hair conditioner forms a film on the hair leaving it soft and not stripped. It has modified silicone to aid conditioning.  As the name suggests, this shampoo is suitable for daily use and works best when used on conjunction with the Daily Style Conditioner.

Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo 2

My Take on Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo:

Being an addictive online shopper, I got this shampoo online. I just wanted a break from my earlier shampoo and also wanted to try this out, so made this purchase. Now when I saw the picture online, the shampoo bottle seemed quite big in size and I seriously forgot to check the quantity mentioned and when the box arrived at my place, I was finding the shampoo inside and was like, “where is it?” Because I could not see a bigger bottle except for my Pond’s Gold Radiance Cleansing Mousse.  I thought they might have missed the shampoo, but the product was mentioned on the bill. I sat down patiently and found this miniature bottle named Toni and Guy and I was like “Is this the 200 bucks shampoo?” :P, but still I was keen to try it.  The shampoo comes in a silver cylindrical mini bottle which would be perfect for travelling.

Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo 3

It has a turnaround cap and a big hole for the shampoo to come out. What happens here is when you tilt the bottle, a little larger amount comes out which has to be put back.  The bottle being a little transparent, I can notice how much product is getting used up. I think for my hair length and thin hair, it might last up to 10 washes approximately. I took a little more than a coin-size amount to wash my hair.  The consistency is a bit runny and watery and the liquid is golden yellow in colour. It has a strong floral fragrance which after some uses smells like medicine to me. I started to shampoo and sadly the shampoo did not lather well.

Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo 4

If it claims itself to be a cleansing agent, I think it should lather at least, which totally disappointed me. This was the case when my hair was not oiled; imagine if they were oiled.  The smell completely vanishes away after a particular time, so no possibility of the fragrance lasting after the hair has dried up. No doubt it cleaned my hair properly, but it did not do anything more than that. They say it will leave your hair refreshed and ready to style; I think any shampoo would do that, what do you guys think? I don’t think it did anything special for my hair, so I finish this bottle as soon as possible and throw it away.

Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo 5

Pros of Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo:

  • Handy because of the small size.
  • Cleaned the dirt and the build-up well.
  • Available online.

Cons of Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo:

  • Too expensive for 200 bucks; the quantity is very less.
  • Did not like the fragrance.
  • It claimed to refresh hair and make it ready to style and I think any shampoo would help to do that.
  • Did not lather up well because of which more quantity had to be used.
  • Did not do anything special for my hair.
  • Contains SLS and many other chemicals.
  • Fragrance does not last even till the time of washing; you can only smell it when you open up the bottle.

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Toni and Guy Daily Style Shampoo?

No, I am not going to purchase this dud product ever because it did not do anything special or extraordinary for my hair, in fact it is a very ordinary one and I think this one should be given a miss for everyone as it is not worth it and if you want to try it, then go for the smaller size only and I am sure you will not get the bigger size after trying it.

IMBB Rating:


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