Top Five Natural Makeup Removers

By Surabhi Pisal

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Protecting the skin is the first step to achieve radiance and glow. Therefore, it is important to recognize the products which help in maintaining the health of our skin. Makeup enhances our natural looks, but it can cause skin damage too if not removed properly. We all know the importance of cleansing-toning-moisturizing, but we often skip this step if we are tired or lazy before hitting the bed. In the long run, this may cause breakouts due to clogged pores and may also cause hyperpigmentation and premature aging. There are many chemical-based makeup removers available in the market, but we must always opt for natural products considering how effective they are and do not cause any side effects! Let us have a look at the best 5 natural makeup removers!

Top Five Natural Makeup Removers5

Coconut Oil

Top Five Natural Makeup Removers

Coconut oil, known for its moisturizing as well as antibacterial activities, can also be used as a good makeup remover especially for eye makeup. I always use coconut oil to remove my waterproof kajal and mascara. I would never let any synthetic, chemical laden makeup remover come in contact with my sensitive skin around the eyes! Such removers often get inside your eyes while removing stubborn waterproof eye makeup, which is so not a good thing. Natural coconut oil is and will always remain a better option!

Olive Oil

Top Five Natural Makeup Removers4

Olive oil is also known for its conditioning and anti-bacterial properties. It can be used just as coconut oil! The only difference is that it is comparatively expensive than coconut oil. Olive oil can be either massaged on face with gentle strokes or a cotton ball soaked with these oils can be used to wipe the face.

Soy Milk and Banana

Top Five Natural Makeup Removers1

Might sound (and look) like a perfect smoothie, but bananas and soymilk are one of the perfect combinations for cleansing the face and removing all the makeup and dirt. Soy milk and bananas contain enzymes that breakdown/dissolve makeup and also remove dirt and oil. Mashed bananas can be added to soy milk and a thick paste can be made. This paste can be applied on the face and washed after 10 minutes with gentle massage.

Cold Raw Milk

Top Five Natural Makeup Removers2

Cold milk cannot only remove makeup and dirt, but also remove tan and impart a healthy glow to the face. Cold milk can be applied on face with circular movements and washed or can be used to wipe face with the help of a tissue or cotton. But, it is more effective for light and washable makeup.


Top Five Natural Makeup Removers3

Cucumber not only removes makeup, but also exfoliates that skin. Cucumber juice can be extracted from the cucumber pulp and applied on face with cotton to remove any makeup and dirt, just as you would do with a makeup remover. Cucumbers can also be grated and applied on face like a mask and washed after 10 minutes. This technique works well especially for eye makeup as it reduces the puffiness of eyes and makes them look fresh and radiant!

These natural makeup removers not only remove makeup, but also cleanse the face along with conditioning! Besides, they have no side effects at all, and are cheaply (and widely) available. I have always relied on these natural remedies to remove makeup and never used any commercial makeup remover. I swear by these!

If you use any other natural makeup remover, let me know in the comments. 🙂

Go, be beautiful!

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12 thoughts on “Top Five Natural Makeup Removers

  1. I only knew about coconut and olive oils. I am going to try cucumbers next time. Sounds cool(ing). Keep writing more interesting stuff. 🙂

    1. thanks Garima…try using refrigerated cucumbers! they also give a nice refreshing cooling sensation 😀

  2. Amazin post Surabhi…i used coconut oil to remove makeup but it is highly comedogenic I was gifted wid pimples all over my face for 3 I don’t touch it,instead I use extra virgin olive oil now followed by face wash…even besan n milk do a grt job in makeup removal

    1. hello maharani.. it seems you used parachute.. you should be using only virgin organic coconut oil which is edible too… use the edible coconut oil and see the difference! 🙂 and besan? wow never thought of using it as a makeup remover..

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