Treatment For Severe Hair Fall During Summers: Ask IMBB

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Bhawna Abrol asks:


I am a silent reader of your blog. I read mostly all the reviews. I have a question about my hair fall. I always have a severe hair fall during summers or because of weather change. I need your help. Please help me out of this.

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5 thoughts on “Treatment For Severe Hair Fall During Summers: Ask IMBB

  1. Hi Bhawna,

    You should consult a doctor and rule out any hormonal imbalance problem. Ask your doctor to prescribe Biotin, zinc, iron and other supplements. Change your shampoo, conditioner or any other hair product that you are currently using. Try to use shikkakai and soap nut shampoo instead. Wash your hair at least twice or thrice a week.

  2. Same pinch.. 🙁 now i hav startd using bringraj hair oil i oil my hair 3tyms a wk n m curently using treseme range

  3. hello bhawna…
    this is my first comment in imbb 😛

    i come across d same prob in summers….n this is hw i treat my hair n love d results..
    if ur hairfall is due to breakage(whc mostly happens in summer) this can b a good sol..
    step 1: hot oil massage (dnt directly heat d oil..put d oil (metal)bowl in hot water whc makes it hot)
    aftr 15 – 30 mins
    step 2: apply any hair pack (i mix amla powder,thick yogurt nd rose water as a paste)
    wait fr hlf an hr
    step 3: shampoo n condition ur hair
    do nt blow dry….allow it to naturally dry

  4. Jomol is right, its always wise decision to visit doctor first.
    However, I had same problm last year. And as per my mum’s advise i just mixed almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil in equal proportion and applied on scalp every night. I used to shampoo my hairs twice a week though. I actually noticed less hair fall in 2-3 months. After my hair prblm solved i limited oil application to every 3rd or 2nd day now. You also need to go for protein, iron, calcium enriched diet along with topical treatments as sometimes nutrient deficiency also causes skin and hair prblms. Hope it helps.

  5. Hi Bhawna,

    While a doc’s advice is the supreme, you could try out a few home remedies for hair care & repair..I had the same problem in my college days and curd application twice a week before hair wash proved quite effective!

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