Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut Body Scrub Review

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut Body Scrub Review

There are so many rules out there for exfoliating. Do it often to reveal great skin; don’t do it too much because you will damage your skin! Acne-prone people should stay away; acne-prone people should exfoliate regularly to unclog pores! Whew, the list goes on. So if anyone has a definitive answer to the how often should one scrub, let me know! I think I might be erring on the side of too often, especially with this product I’m reviewing today.


Product Background and Description:

This scrub promises “intense exfoliation the sweet scent of Brazilian Nut. Using vitamins A, C and E, natural Brazil nut oil hydrates and repairs, damaged skin, helping it to regain its healthy glow.” The scrub is infused with “certified organic Shea butter, Brazil nut oil and an array of natural oils including Evening Primrose, sweet Almond, Avocado, Safflower Seed, Macadamia Seed and Orange oil.” Also, “the real sugar grains and ground Walnut shells will buff away dry and damaged skin, leaving your skin smooth and refresh.”



$7.49 for 18 oz/510 gm.




My Experience with Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut Body Scrub:

So, oddly, this I hadn’t even heard of this scrub until I spotted it on the IMBB Sponsored Products list.  I am someone who tries to stay up to date on all the offerings in the natural beauty industry, but somehow missed this one. The name sounded a little funny – seriously Tree Hut? But it was a scrub and as a bonafide natural-product-junkie-scrubaholic, I considered it my duty to try it out 😛 And, boy, am I glad I did. As someone who has been making sugar scrubs in her kitchen since, well, forever, I’m not easily impressed by store-bought ones (I’m looking at you Origins ginger body scrub!). I always think I could make a cheaper and more effective scrub at home and customize it with the fragrances I love the most. This is one rare sugar-based scrub that I will go back for again and again.



I had no idea what this “Brazilian Nut” would smell like, and was totally and absolutely blown away when I first opened the jar. It smelled like one of my favorite coffees – hazelnut. Not only does it smell absolutely amazing, the lovely fragrance fills up my entire bathroom. It’s super relaxing and refreshing. It’s one of the most delicious smells ever and almost a little confusing since my bathroom is often left smelling like a cafe. Not that I mind!


But, of course, what good is a scrub if it only smells great and doesn’t do its job? This is an excellent exfoliator and the best part is it sloughs off dead skin without drying it out. Initially, I used to put this on wet skin and rub it around, like you do with scrubs, and wash it off. And it worked great that way. However, I soon realized that this works best when the skin is damp and not completely wet. There’s more friction and you can scrub for a few minutes before the sugar completely dissolves. I was wondering what the darker bits in the scrub are (you can see the in the swatch) and initially thought it’s bits of coffee. When I was doing research for this review, I saw it’s actually walnut shells. That’s pretty genius, I would have never thought of putting sugar and walnut together in a scrub, but it works wonders. The other ingredient that works is the oil. You know, with scrubs if you put in too much oil, you don’t get enough friction to exfoliate. On the opposite end, putting too little oil leaves skin super dry. They have pretty much got the perfect mix of oil and exfoliant (check out the pics; you can actually tell that oil apart!).


When I use this, I come out of the shower with skin that feels smooth, soft, and looks absolutely radiant. The first time I used this, I was so excited I kept feeling my arm through the day. It felt so smooth – you know how skin feels when you’ve just waxed? It’s exactly like that. While it’s not drying, I wouldn’t recommend skipping your after-shower moisturizing routine. I get the best results when I follow this up with some grapeseed or almond oil. One surprise benefit of this was that it actually smoothes out stretch marks. They haven’t disappeared, I haven’t used this long enough to observe that, but they certainly feel smoother and look less prominent.


The most amazing use I have found for this is using it on my feet. It feels like a mini spa day and leaves my feet feeling soft, smooth, and me feeling super relaxed. I would not recommend using this on your face as it may be a little too rough. This scrub works because Tree Hut has pretty much mastered the ratio for a body scrub. Add to that the lovely fragrance and we have a winner.


What doesn’t work for me is the tub with twist off cap. This is a very small complaint, and in no way affects how I feel about the product. However, I do wish it came in a tube or something. I get product everywhere, on the cap around the shower, while screwing the cap back on. Because I want to end this review on a positive note, I want to add that this product contains all natural ingredients and no parabens! I still don’t know what a Tree Hut Brazilian Nut is, but I’m a total nut for this scrub.

Pros of Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut Body Scrub:

  • Leaves skin soft and smooth.
  • Doesn’t dry skin out.
  • All natural ingredients.
  • For a natural oil and sugar scrub, comes at a great price.
  • Great for a quick spa treat for your feet.

Cons of Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut Body Scrub:

  • I don’t like the packaging, with the big tub and twist off caps.

IMBB Rating:


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16 thoughts on “Tree Hut Shea Sugar Brazilian Nut Body Scrub Review

  1. Wow sounds amazing!!! *drool* *drool* *woot* *woot* I presently use the FabIndia Neem and Tulsi Body Scrub. That works quite well for me. I would love to try this. Where can I buy this Devie? 🙂

    1. @ princess- neem and Tulsi sound amazing! Not sure where you can get this in India. Will check it out and get back to ya : ))

      @ neets- thanks!! I’ll let you know when it’s bogo, you’ll love it : D

    1. @ jomol- hehe the similarities don’t end : P wait till you smell it…you’ll want to eat it…smells delish : ))

      @ lisha- it’s amazing. Hope you can get your hands on some soon! : D

  2. lovely review Devie *clap* absolutely enjoyed the details and the pics..I have been eyeing this for a long time now..but sadly they are not available in india *cry*

  3. @ parmita- glad you enjoyed the review…oh, no the need to come to India soon! Tree Hut are you reading this? :p

    @ rashmi- yup, one of the best I’ve ever used : ))

  4. OMGG you made it sound so heavenly. And i also wouldnt my bathroom smelling like a cafe at the end of it. it does remind me of forest essnetials sugar scrub but this sounds suuper yummy. Well I guess any coffee addict would love it. 😀

    “bonafide natural-product-junkie-scrubaholic” *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* *hihi* I am a scrub addict too but too lazy to make them myself. 😛

  5. its soooooooo sooooo tempting…….. *drool* *drool* *drool* *drool* khane ka mann kar raha hai 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

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