Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream Review

Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream

Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream Review

This Ayurvedic treatment is enriched with Almond Oil and Cucumber extracts that comforts the eyes, nourishes the under eye skin, reduces fine lines, prevents wrinkles and lightens the dark under eye circles.  Best for all skin types.

How It Works:

It is rich in Vitamin A and D that remove dark under eye circles and improve complexion. It has powerful antioxidants that prevent skin aging & wrinkling and nourishes under eye area. Cucumber extracts cool the delicate skin around the eyes and reduce the dark circles.

Vaadi Herbals

Key Ingredients:

Almond Oil, Vitamin-E, Cucumber, Rose Water.

Key Ingredients


Use on cleansed skin.

How To Use:

Take a pearl-sized drop of the product on your finger and dab lightly around the eye area. Leave on. Apply your regular moisturizer over.

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 48 for 25 g.

My Experience with Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream:

Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream comes in a white plastic tub with wide-opened mouth. It has a twist-up plastic cap. Dip your finger to use the product.  The cream is white in color and has a very pleasant smell.  My finger feels very cool on touching the cream.  The cream is nonsticky. When applied around the under eye area, the delicate skin feels super cool. The skin gets the soothing effect and becomes very smooth. It feels like I have placed a slice of cucumber on my eyes.

Under eye cream

I have been using this cream for some time now and I do not find the cream doing anything for my dark circles (maybe it is too early to get the results on dark circles), but it has definitely moisturized my under eye skin and made it soft.  I cannot comment on the aspect of reducing fine lines and preventing wrinkles too. I can guarantee that it nourishes skin very well.

Vaadi under eye cream

Pros of Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream:

  • Easy-to-handle package, travel friendly.
  • Contains herbal ingredients.
  • Very little quantity is sufficient.
  • Gives a great cooling effect to the skin around the eyes.
  • Non-sticky product.

Cons of Vaadi Herbals Under Eye Cream:

  • You have to dip your fingersinto the tub to use the product.
  • Does not seem to help dark circle and wrinkles.


3/5 (all rating points are for the cooling effect that it imparts).

Will I Repurchase?
Yes.  I like the way it cools my undereye area and also the cream has a great non-sticky texture. It is so very light that you do not get the feeling that you have applied something around your eye area.

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  1. waawwoooooooooooo inexpensive really…………..par ye vaadi products milte kaha hai ?:) ?:) never seen anywhere………..koi tho bata do delhi /NCR wallo ?:) ?:) :announce: :announce:

  2. does the cooling eventually relax the eyes and hence help reduce dark circles?..does seem like a good deal if it can do that somehow.. :whistle:

  3. Hm…not bad. :)) The cooling sensation is very funny. :dumb:
    But I really just want something that will banish my dark circles. :((
    :thanks: for the review!

  4. I got this as a surprise gift in my recent order with urban touch :yahoo: :yahoo: … I was thinking how it is gonna be,whether to use it or not.. But now im so gonna use it right from today :thanks: for the review

  5. So many got free……!!!!!!!! :waaa: :devil: But, I bought it from urban touch some time ago…. I too want it free…. :(( this is plain bad luck…..

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