Vaadi Herbals Neem Face Pack with Clove and Turmeric

Vaadi Herbals Neem Face Pack with Clove and Turmeric

Vaadi Neem Turmeric Face Pack


58/- INR for100 ml, got it for 50 INR from urbantouch.

Shelf Life:

3 years from the date of manufacturing.

What the Product Claims:

Removes Acne & Pimples.
Clears Blemishes.
Reduces Skin Ageing.
They also have some other variants. You can check them at



Apply thick layer on clean and dry face. Wash off when dry.

Key Ingredients:


By now, all of you must be aware that I love face packs. So, while placing the order with urban touch, I picked this up randomly just because it had neem and herbal on the pack. I was not expecting much at 50 rupees, but could not resist the neem thing. It is my weakness. If I see neem anywhere and I have to try it.


The pack comes in a sturdy but very cheap looking tub. I was so turned off when I saw the packaging. When I opened the lid, it had a silver wrapping which has to be removed, but the consistency of this pack is such that a lot of the product was stuck to that. I was so annoyed at that point I cannot tell you.


As you can see, It is green. The consistency is thick and creamy, not like those mud packs we usually get.


A closer look at the pack.

My Take on Vaadi Herbals Neem Face Pack with Clove and Turmeric:

After using it regularly each week since last 2 months I can say that it is quite a nice pack. It does not dry out the skin like the mud packs. Skin feels fresh and soft. It keeps the oils at bay, yet is moisturizing and to my surprise, the effects lasts for almost 2 to 3 days. Unlike the Ayur packs, it does not stretch your skin at all the wrong places. The only thing that I don’t like is the smell. It is so very strong and artificial that you are going to get a headache for sure, almost like Borolin plus some flower, may be jasmine.

The first time I did not mind it much, but since a few weeks, it’s becoming really difficult for me to bear the smell. Anyways, here are the pros and cons of the pack.

Pros :

1. Regulates excess oil secretion, prevents recurrence of pimples as claimed.
2. Does not dry out the skin.
3. Adds a subtle glow which lasts for quite some time.
5. Does not stretch while drying like Ayur readymade packs.
8. Economically priced.


1. Have not noticed any improvement in the pigmentation and blemishes section.
2. Too strong a smell for any herbal product.
3. The packaging is really cheap looking.

My Rating:

3 out of 5.

Will I Buy it Again?

No and the only reason is the strong smell, otherwise I quite like this pack.

Final Word:

If you don’t have a sensitive nose and don’t mind strong-smelling things, then you can give it a try.

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21 thoughts on “Vaadi Herbals Neem Face Pack with Clove and Turmeric

      1. hey jyo…fruit pack is good, it leaves my skin smooth and soft 🙂 but the smell :smug: :smug: Its quite strong but not as bad as the neem one 🙂

        1. ohhk great. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: thn i’ll get it n chk 4 myself. i really liked this pack so much bt now i get headaches just by opening the tub only. :silly:

  1. I ordered lip balms and a mixed fruit soap from vaadi, it was really good, i liked the pics how ever, i like such creamy packs !! :thumbsup:

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