Vega Professional Make-Up Brush – Blush Brush PB-13 Review

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Hello again 🙂 . How are you all doing? I know you all must be enjoying this festive season and loads of parties. Me toh, enjoying a lot 😀 . Ok, I am back again with another review. It’s a review of a blush brush from the very well-known brand Vega. I bought this brush from their professional range along with some other brushes. I was curious to try out this particular brush for a long time. So let’s see how the Vega Professional Blush Brush (PB-13) treated me 😀 .

Vega Blush Brush PB 13

Vega Blush Brush PB 13


Made with natural hair which is ideal for correct pick-up and blending of the powder. The round shape of the hair allows smooth and even application of the powder. VEGA professional blush brush will enable you to apply the powder blush more precisely both in terms of the amount of color and also the position.

They offer a variety of make up brushes in their professional range.

Vega Blush Brush PB 13


INR 400 (I got it at a 10% discount)

My Experience with Vega Professional Make-Up Brush – Blush Brush PB-13:

I always wanted to try a good blush brush, but couldn’t find a good brand easily in my city. When I saw Vega’s professional range of make up brushes, I was so tempted but wanted to read a good review on this particular blush brush before buying. I waited so long, but no review came up and then I just gave up and bought it at a good discount from online 😀 . Now I regret buying the brush.


Vega Blush Brush PB 13

The packaging was a regular Vega brushes type of packaging, nothing special. It contains a plastic cover to protect the bristles. It has a black handle which looks classy in my brush container 😀 . It’s of normal brush size. It has very smooth bristles. The bristles are 100% natural and doesn’t cause any irritations to the skin.

Vega Blush Brush PB 13

Though it applies blush decently, I hardly use it. It does not blend the product evenly and due to its semi-flat shape, I don’t think it is a good brush for applying blush. I have never tried to use it with any other makeup. I have washed it many times without any shedding and never lost its original shape. It takes very little time to dry after wash. I am disappointed that I made this purchase, I am rather happy with my RT Blush Brush. But make-up beginners can definitely try this out.

Vega Blush Brush PB 13

Pros of Vega Professional Make-Up Brush – Blush Brush PB-13:

  • Super soft bristles.
  • 100% natural bristles.
  • Doesn’t shed at all.
  • Doesn’t irritate skin.
  • Dries up really quickly.
  • Brush-protector cover included.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Pocket friendly.

Cons of Vega Professional Make-Up Brush – Blush Brush PB-13:

  • Doesn’t serve the real purpose of a blush brush.

IMBB Rating:


Would I repurchase Vega Professional Make-Up Brush – Blush Brush PB-13?

No, I am not going to buy this brush again. It’s an average brush at such a reasonable price and but hardly usable. I would rather love to try other high-end brushes from other brands. The Vega professional line of face brushes is a total failure.

Would I recommend Vega Professional Make-Up Brush – Blush Brush PB-13?

No, but only go for it if you are new in the make-up world, otherwise just stay away from it.

So, angels, that was my experience with my Vega Professional Blush Brush (PB-13). I hope the review was helpful. Have you tried any brushes from their professional range yet? Do let me know. Take care angels and stay blessed. 🙂

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  1. I completely agree with you..have tried couple of vega brushes and they turned out to be a total failure.. I am currently using RT blush brush ..its amazing

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