Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Violet Femme and Gold Rush

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Violet Femme and Gold Rush

Hello Beautiful People, This is my first ever review on IMBB! A site I’m incredibly in love with! I’m a makeup fanatic! Not a day goes by when I don’t experiment with some product or look. 😀 That is why I want to do this community full justice with due respect with my review and look forward to your feedback.

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet Dry Shadow Violet Femme and Gold Rush

I was in the US around Thanksgiving and visited Victoria’s Secret in a mall (wouldn’t be able to face the mirror had I come back from there without visiting this shop!). While waiting in line for check out, I saw this cute display of various products from the Beauty Rush range and my eyes immediately went to the sign “$7 each or special 2/$12 or 4/$20” for these Wet/Dry Shadows.  Four beautiful eyeshadows for 20 bucks was an awesome deal! So, I bought these, though I only have 2 colors (Violet Femme and Gold Rush) to review as I gave the other two to my sister (another Gold Rush and a very pretty pink named Flower Girl) and yes, we had to do a rock/paper/scissor to decide who gets what!

Here are the two shades.

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush

With the lid popped open. I must admit that the purple is photographing darker than it actually appears. The gold is showing up pretty close to what it is.

I have always had good experiences with the Beauty Rush range and I love these eyeshadows a lot too! Their color payoff is amazing, very true to when they are in the pan.  My favorite point about these is that they are very buildable shades.  They have a shine and sparkle to them, but only the violet one has more of tiny visible specks of glitter, the gold one does not have that much glitter to it, but it’s pretty vibrant in its sparkling. You can apply them as sheer or as deeply as you want just by varying the number of layers that you apply. As you can see in the swatches below, I applied a small amount with my hand on my wrist and spread it out. This way it gives a soft hint of color with the sparkle in it showing through pretty well for a sheer spread.

Below that, I’ve swatched the Gold Rush, both wet and dry. Truthfully, it does not make much of a difference to this particular shade if it’s wet as opposed to dry, but the purple one shows this pretty distinctly, the wet seems far more pigmented. I usually apply both formulations with a flat shade brush. For wet, I just wet the brush with water, though my sister who has MAC’s mixing medium says if the brush is sprayed with that, the color pay off is higher. The thing I always dislike in shades that have glitter in them is that they will have some fallout and this one does not have a lot of fallout, but a little care is needed if you’ve already applied your foundation and concealer.  I also love using the Gold Rush color as a brow and cheek highlighter, but one has to be careful to apply little as layering can make it appear pretty pigmented.

Victoria's Secret

Website Description:

A rich kick of color for eyes! Soft pearl shadow delivers buildable color with subtle shimmer. For added intensity, apply with a wet brush.


$7 or Special 2/$12 or 4/$20 which would be around Rs. 350 or 2/Rs. 600 or 4/Rs. 1000 (available on ebay or Amazon at a lesser price).

Pros of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Violet Femme and Gold Rush:

  • Pretty true to the website description.
  • True to pot color.
  • Buildable according to preference.
  • Inexpensive for an international brand, especially if taken as part of the special offer.
  • 12 beautiful shades available.
  • Decent sparkle, not gaudy glitter.
  • Even when wet, the shadow does not crease like a cream shadow, but stays put quite well!
  • The gold can be used as a brow/cheek highlighter too.
  • If a thin, wet brush is used, it can be applied as a liner too!

Cons of Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Violet Femme and Gold Rush:

  • Can have some fallout, if picked up generously with the brush.
  • Might be hard to find in India or not all shades might be available (some cosmetic which sell imported brands may have this, but maybe not all shades).
  • With Gold Rush, wet and dry “colors” are not that different (I personally don’t mind this).

Do I Recommend/Will I Repurchase Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet/ Dry Shadow Violet Femme and Gold Rush?

I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try newer shades that are not extremely glittery, but also not boringly matte. I personally love these multi-faceted pots of delight!


4.5/5 (only deducting 0.5 because of common unavailability here in India).

Happy Makeuping! 😀

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  1. vow nafisa….these r such beautiful shades….m not a very big fan of purple…but this one is awesome…gr8 colors :woot: :woot: :woot: …wish they wer available in india… :((

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