VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask Review

VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask

By Trina Bhattacharya

Hello all IMBB beauties, hope you all had a wonderful Dussehra and looking forward for a vibrant Diwali! I am a silent reader of this blog and I must admit it has given me many insights regarding make up and skin care. So this time when I was looking for a de-pigmentation product to buy I saw this VLCC face mask, but could not locate any review. So I thought why not I be the guinea-pig this time and contribute to this awesome review pool… 🙂 And here goes my review for VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask.
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Product Claims:

Unique formulation enriched with Saffron Extract and Sunflower oil, which penetrates the skin efficiently and promotes cell turnover. Saffron is known to improve complexion & bring radiance to skin and Sunflower oil has excellent emollients properties which nourishes the skin and reveals a smooth softer and clean skin.

Suitable for all skin types and lightens dark spots and remove dead cells.


Rs 150 for 80 g


Sunflower oil, Saffron Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin B3, Vitamin C

Directions for Use:

Wash and Pat dry the face. Take appropriate amount of pack on the finger tips and spread all over the face and neck in a thin layer. Leave it for 10-15 minutes. After drying wash the face with water and pat dry.

My Experience with the VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask

I have an combination skin with oily T-zone and dry area near chin, So every time I apply a face pack for oily skin I end up having a dry chin area and face packs for dry skin give me breakouts.:( With lot of efforts nowadays I don’t have breakouts but 2/3 stubborn marks was giving me irritation and thereby thought of some de-pigmentation mask. So let’s check my experience with this mask.

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It is slightly creamy one and spreads evenly on face. It gives me no tingling sensation after application. It dries within 10-12 minutes and can be washed off easily. I am using it twice a week and I tried this pack for past 4 weeks. I normally do a proper cleaning, scrubbing, massaging and followed by face mask/pack once/twice a month and rest of the times I just apply the pack as per instructions written and wash off. I normally use a water base moisturiser after applying any face pack.

After using I can surely say, it improved my complexion (although I am not sure about removing dead cell part as it claims because I use a separate scrubber).It has surely faded the stubborn marks on my face to some extent and I am hoping continuous usage will show better result.

And I loving this one as because I tried most of the home remedies like lemon, honey tomato etc., to remove marks and none of them worked  and I somehow love to think that saffron and vitamin C are in my face mask.( mental satisfaction! ..;))

Pros of VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask

 Comes in ready-to-use tube form and can be easily carried in the bag.
 Spreads evenly and easy to remove.
 Reasonably priced.
 It actually works, true to their claims for de-pigmentation part at least.
 Easily available.
 Smells mild and sweet (somewhat lemony so refreshing as well).
 Leaves the skin smooth and radiant.
 Does not dry my combination skin.
 Does not cause any break outs.
 Contains Vitamin C and Saffron which is known to be good for skin.

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Cons of VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask

  •  No complete ingredient list is provided.
  •  Not sure about dead cell removal part.
  • May be dry for dry skin.
  • Gives a short term glow for 2-3 hours after application

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask?

YES I am happy with the effect. However I am looking for VLCC de-pigmentation Kit also 😉 So let’s see..!

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8 thoughts on “VLCC De-pigmentation Face Mask Review

  1. Great review..! But this thing didnt do anything for my oily skin.,,,for me it felt as though i hadnt done anything to my face after washing this face pack. Guess everything works different for different people! 🙂

  2. Wow! I’m so buying this next. Thanks for the review dear 🙂 btw what is the scrub n water based moisturizer that UR using? Please let me know 🙂 I have the same skin type as U n struggle with products!

  3. Thanks all for your lovely comments..!! yaayyy I am happy happy now!!!
    Truely Jolmol..Anything for de-pigmentation..! However vlcc de-pigmentation salon kit ( comes with small pouches) contains too many oils, I am doubting whether I will buy that as it may broke me out! anyone suggestion?

    @Ritu: I use St ives scrub ( apricot wala blemish control). It is really nice and mild..You can try it too…but be sure you buy the real and non expired product.( as in market you get too many fake ones) and water based moisturizer I only trust clean and clear moisturizer.. I tried many moisturizers however all broke me out..:((

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