10 Ways To Turn Around a Bad Hair Day Into a Good One

What’s your idea of a bad hair day? For some, it’s frizzy hair while for others, it’s lifeless and dry hair, but in reality, a bad hair day is hard to define! If it’s not about frizziness, it could be hair turning greasy, kinky, flat and at other times, you wash it thinking that it’ll look fresh and bouncy, but it starts to look untamed and very different from what you had imagined – basically, different hair issues that can ruin your mood and day. A bad hair day is a common issue and particularly bothersome when you want and need your hair to look its best! There’s no need to reach for a cap or tie the hair up in a stiff bun when you have these amazing tips to turn around a bad hair day into a good one.

bad hair day

What Causes Bad Hair Days?

1. Use of wrong haircare products that do not match your hair type (hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray all included): It’s as simple as this – shampoo meant for curly hair will not work that well for poker straight hair and the one meant for dry hair will not work for greasy/oily hair. It will be prudent to pick shampoos and conditioners depending on your hair type to avoid bad hair days.
2. Washing hair with hot water (no matter how cold the weather outside is), would result in frizzy hair because it rips away natural oils that coat the hair strands and scalp. Use lukewarm or warm water at best.
3. Deficiency of hair-beneficial nutrients in diet:  A deficiency of these hair-friendly vitamins and minerals can sharply push the number of your bad hair days to a higher value.
4. Product Buildup: Regular use of hairstyling products like gel, mousse, hair sprays, even shampoos and conditioners can cause buildup of silicone and polymers on the scalp and hair strands and it can weigh down the hair, making it lacklustre and limp. This scalp and hair buildup can rip away the shine and softness from your hair. Therefore, it’s important that you regularly use clarifying and buildup removing shampoos that can clear all the gunk and debris away and give your hair a fresh lease of life. Here are some of the best hair buildup clearing shampoos that can give you your healthy and shiny hair back. Here’s a Homemade Hair Solution to Remove Product Buildup.
5. Skipping Hair Conditioner: Are you conditioning your hair after each shampoo session? If not, then you should make it a habit to condition hair after shampooing, no matter what.
6. Dehydration: Just as dehydration can cause a lot of skin issues, lack of water can make hair frizzy, dry, and even trigger hair fall.
7. Excessive Use of heat and hairstyling products: As we all know, excessive use of heat by frequently curling, ironing, blow drying hair can make hair frizzy, brittle, and lustreless over a period of time.
8. Stress: Elevated stress level can not only trigger hair fall, it can also increase your bad hair days by a considerable degree.

10 Ways To Turn Around a Bad Hair Day Into a Good One:

1. Make Dry Shampoo your Hair’s Best Friend:

If you haven’t had time to wash your hair or if it’s just too cold to do so, your hair can start to look weighed down with the grease, grime and oil in it after three days. In that case, a dry shampoo is your best friend. Just spray the product into your hair, let it absorb the oils for a couple of minutes and then brush it out for more voluminous and fresh-looking hair. If you don’t have dry shampoo, try using some baby powder instead, it works just as well. Also, applying dry shampoo or baby powder before hitting the bed would mean waking up with refreshed and grease-free hair.

2. Try Braids for Messy and Unmanageable Hair:

When your hair becomes too messy and unmanageable, then you could opt for a simple hairstyle such as a braid. A braid will keep your hair in control while looking chic and stylish!

3. Cover up Untouched Roots:

If you haven’t had time to touch up your roots with colour and that’s showing through, then here’s what you need to do. Stay away from straight and polished hairstyles, because that’s when you’re untouched roots are likely to show up the most. Instead, opt for a hairstyle with messy curls, which can help camouflage those roots.

4. When your Ponytail Won’t Sit Smoothly:

Sometimes, you’ll try to tie your hair up into a ponytail thinking that it will be smooth, chic and will be out of your face. But, actually, sometimes your ponytail will look bumpy and just won’t sit smoothly. For those days, all you need to do is to open up your hair, apply some smoothing serum or a styling product, comb it out neatly, and then reattempt the ponytail. You could also apply some heat to smooth it out further. Another tip is to try the double ponytail trick for added volume and texture.

5. When Hair Gets too Frizzy:

On days when your hair is frizzy, make sure not to apply further heat to style it. You could either use a leave-in conditioner through your hair or apply a little bit of olive oil, coconut oil or some dry oil (such as argan oil) through the lengths of your hair and style as desired.

6. Hair Ends are Rough and Dry:

For rough and dry ends, you need a thick conditioning cream. You could also take your regular in-shower conditioner, dilute it with a little bit of water and apply it to the ends of your hair. You can leave this on throughout the day for deep nourishment.

7. When Your Hair Doesn’t Look Good in Any Hairstyle:

Sometimes, no matter what hairstyle you attempt—a braid, a messy bun or a ponytail—your hair just won’t sit right. For such days, all you need is a hat. Grab a fashionable hat of your choice to camouflage a bad hair day. This is, of course, even more, practical and acceptable in the winter season.

8. Spray Hairspray on a Comb or Toothbrush to Control Flyaways:

Rather than applying hairspray all over the hair – spritz a little of it on a toothbrush or hair brush and smooth over flyaways to tame and settle them down.

9. Tease your hair to Add Volume and Make it Bouncy:

Hairstylists depend on the “teasing” method to add major volume to thin hair. To tease your hair, use a comb to pick a small section of hair and raise it upwards. While holding the section, use the other hand to comb hair from the middle till the roots. Repeat this backcombing process on other small sections if you want more volume. Now, use a brush to smooth the teased sections and do so gently to keep the volume intact.

10. When nothing works, wear a Cute Hair Accessory:

From cute top knot headbands to flashy hair pins and scrunchies, a pretty hair accessory can turn your and everyone else’s attention from how messy your hair looks!

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