10 Ways to Use Pantone Color of the Year 2018, Ultra Violet, in Makeup, Style and Beauty Routine

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The year is coming to an end and the New Year is just around the corner. Time truly flies and now, we are waiting for a new beginning. Everyone is making a list of new year resolutions and plans. The Pantone color of the year was declared a few hours ago and I am already feeling too excited to write this article. Ultra violet or purple is a very mysterious color and not many are comfortable with this bold and unique shade. But, the pantone color always inspires and influences us to be a better version of ourselves. Probably in the upcoming year, we all need to be bold, take stands for ourselves, not become a part of the crowd and be different. This color represents the calmness, vastness and boldness of the universe.

Pantone color of the year ultraviolet

If you incorporate this in your makeup and beauty, that is how people will identify your personality. If you are not yet sure about using this color in your makeup, style and beauty routine, go through this post. I will tell you about great ways of incorporating this color in your daily lives. I am sure, you will love the ideas.

1. Dresses

Girl in blowing dress Outdoors

This color has a hint of blue and red at the same time and looks beautiful on all complexions. It is a vibrant and matured shade, which looks great on women from any age group. A violet or purple gown with a hint of gold embroidery and golden jewelries will look great for the ethnic brides. You may also opt for pearl or diamond jewelries as the shine compliments the color. A deep violet dress or jumpsuit will make you stand out in any party crowd. You may also opt for a violet saree for an elegant evening look. As the color is too rich, may be you can avoid the shade for formal office wears. But, if the shade is incorporated in prints or if the color is little toned down, it goes great during the day time too. Also, you can opt for a purple jacket or blazer on a white shirt to pep up your office look on a dull winter day.

2. Accessories

If you think purple is too bold, you can start of with incorporating the color in your accessories. A vibrant violet belt or scarf can bring a complete change in your regular outfit. A sleek sling bag or handbag in this color will also represent you as a stylish, bold woman. As the color is rich and vibrant, you can also buy shoes of this color to draw some attention to your feet. Be it a violet jelly sandal for the rainy days or a stiletto for the parties- your shoes won’t go unnoticed.

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3. Eyeliner

10 Ways to Use Pantone Color of the Year 2018 Ultra Violet in Makeup Style and Beauty Routine Eye

If you want to incorporate violet in your makeup without looking OTT, eyeliner of this color is your safest bet. People are opting for colored liners these days and this purple looks great on the eyes. You can use purple on your upper eyelid for a day look or a glittery purple line on your lower lid for a night party look. Either way, it will look unique and classy.

4. Eye Shadow

Close-up of woman posing as beauty professional make-up

If you want to move a shade ahead, use purple or violet on your eyelids. This color is often used in smoky, arabian eye makeup. If you want to skip the regular red and golden eye makeup on your wedding day, a combination of violet and golden is a great option. You can incorporate the color in your nude eye makeup, to add a hint of oomph. Or you can do the whole eye makeup centering this color and it won’t go unnoticed.

5. Contact Lens

Violet eyes

You can make your eyes look mysterious with pair of violet contact lens. It will effortlessly add a lot of color and vibrancy to your eyes. If you want your eyes to reflect the magic of the sky and beyond, opt for a gorgeous violet contact lens. This lens will definitely give you a makeover, even when you do not wear much makeup.

6. Lipstick

Cute girl with messy hairstyle

Gone are the times when red and pinks were the only lipstick shades that girls wanted in their lives. Women are ready to use a variety of colors on the lips and violet is a very acceptable shade already. It is better to use this shade in matte formulas, as it is bold and will look horrible, if it moves out of place. You will find gorgeous violet lipsticks from affordable brands like Maybelline and high end brands like Mac. You can also opt for a liquid matte lip stain, if you want your bold lips to grab attention throughout the night. A violet gloss on purple or violet lipsticks doubles up the fun and if you try it once, you won’t complain.

7. Highlighter

According to many expert makeup artists, you won’t end up looking like a joker, if you opt for a violet
highlighter. It is a very wearable shade for all skin tones and it brightens up the skin, along with highlighting it. You can use it on top of a golden highlighter to avoid any chance of looking ashy or chalky. You can also make it shine brighter with some Vaseline. Also, a holographic violet highlighter will definitely draw more attention than the regular ones. Use the highlighter on the cheekbones, eye brow bones, bridge of nose to make the look complete. As the highlighter grabs a lot of attention, it goes best with a dewy, nude look.

8. Primer and Color Corrector

I think all IMBB readers know how a primer is important to make the makeup stay on for longer. However, colored primers help in many other ways than that. Purple or violet primers help to brighten up your shallow skin tone. It illuminates the dull, yellow undertone and adds an overall glow. Purple color correctors or concealers are also available these days and they help in similar ways. If you want to hide your hyperpigmentation or dull skin issues, this color is ideal.

9. Highlighting the Hair

Female Portrait

Highlighting the hair with unconventional colors is the trend these days. Purple will look bold and girly at the same time. This color will show up on jet black hair as well as blonde hair. You can also try an ombre violet hair or if you are fearless, you can color all your hair violet. Yes, it will look really different and it will definitely make you different from everyone around you.

10. Beauty

Lavender oil in a blue glass bottle and flowers horizontal

This color reminds us of our much favorite lavender oil. From making your skin better to reducing hair fall, lavender oil can solve multiple beauty problems. Add this oil to your daily beauty routine and you will see visible differences soon.

How are you planning to incorporate the color in your daily life? Do share your ideas with us.

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