Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

L-43 Mocktail Hour

Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

Description on the Website about the Product:
Get delicious shine with shades that taste as good as they look, domestic .46 oz.

Cost and Quantity:
$7 or Special 2/$12 or 4/$20.

Ingredients (taken from packaging):

Product Details:
Victoria’s Secret will give your lips a delicious shine with the Beauty Rush Lip Gloss.  Beauty Rush lip glosses are part of the beauty range products from Victoria’s secret. There are around 19 wonderful shades to choose from available in a variety of colours including: Red Delicious, Yummy Berry, Taffy go Lucky, Lemon Drop, Mocktail hour, Cherry Bomb, Strawberry Fizz, Candy Baby, Passion Fruit Pop, Melonrageous, Sugar High, Juiced Berry, Bananas, Hot Cocoanut, Slice of Heaven, Shineberry, More Mimosa, Guava Girl, Grapefruit Blast and Cake Walk.

See the website for more details here.

Beauty rush

All 19 shades are extremely sheer, with just a touch of color and sparkle, not chunky glitter, despite how it looks in the tube. This 0.46 oz lip gloss comes in a tube form with an angled tip for easy application. Additionally, this lip gloss is made from high-quality ingredients and is available in various colors. Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss is soft on lips and smells good too. Anyone who is a lip gloss addict and likes coraly, peachy or bronzey shades, would like this.

lip gloss

My Experience with Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss:

A while ago, I received Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss – L-43 Mocktail Hour from one of our relatives coming from USA. I am so happy with this because like a lot of girls, I am also a total lip gloss addict! The packaging is simple. I like the easy-to-use squeeze tube with the plastic slanted applicator.

My shade – Mocktail Hour is a very sheer, pretty much clear shade with a slight tint of pinkish brown color with plenty of glitter. The color and glitter are absolutely gorgeous, seems it will go with pretty much anything you are wearing. It adds some color and shine without looking too done up.

Sheer lip gloss

The smell is difficult to place, but I think it has a fruity candy-like taste, but I can’t really figure out what it is, it’s not bad though!!!

The lip gloss is quite thick in consistency and very delicious as VS claims. Its smell and taste is as good as it looks. It almost makes me want to eat it up and the main thing about this lip gloss is that it does a great job of keeping my lips moisturized and adding a beautiful sheen to it. In my opinion, it’s like my lips soak up the sticky moisture very slowly and keeps it hydrated all day long.

Victoria's Secret lip gloss

However, I don’t like the fact that it is a tad sticky.  While wearing this, if I am outside, every waft of wind makes my hair stick to my lips! However, it stays put and does not bleed, which is awesome.

I use this super-shiny lip gloss almost every day, but I do have to re-apply a few times in a day to keep my lips from drying out, but it only takes a little bit and I think the tube is going to last me for a long time.


1) A wide selection of 19 shades to choose from.
2) Gives a pretty moisturizing effect on lips.
3) Travel-friendly plastic, slanted applicator tube design.
4) Smells and tastes good.


1) Little pricey for a lip gloss and not easily available in India.
2) Thick consistency.
3) It is a little sticky.
4) They don’t wear long and tend to slip off mighty fast, so not good for one who wants a long-wearing gloss formula.

Final Verdict:

They may not be the best lip gloss formula and to repurchase this product, the shades are the main appeal for me as some of them really are gorgeous. I would definitely be interested in trying another shade from this series, maybe Candy Baby or Guava Girl or others. I feel like they are worth a purchase and deserve a muse approval!

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9 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

  1. Nice review Mamta… :waytogo:

    I am not sure if i like how this looks, but tht may be cos im nt much of a glitter-gloss fan.. :yuck:
    looks tooooooooo teenage-girly for me…
    Love lip creams and shimmer-less glosses nwadays..

    1. ya Partia, bt downside part is not suited with all indian skin tones, specially on dark skin tones it looks so bad…. :idk:

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