Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray Review

by Ravali on June 23, 2012 · 22 comments

Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray Review

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Today, my review will be on Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray. Kryolan is one brand that has constantly impressed me as they have just the kind of products that I need and most of them are affordable. I have reviewed one bomb from their DermaColor range, which is the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme.  I personally feel it is one of their best products and I would never give up on it. I picked another product from their DermaColor range which is the Fixing Spray.

Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray Review


Rs. 375/- INR for 75 ml.

My Take on Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray:

The fixing spray doesn’t have a very impressive packaging. It is very ordinary, like the other Dermacolor products.  The spray claims to help makeup stay longer and yes it does make my makeup stay for 3-4 hours longer than usual. It is especially made to give additional strength to the DC Camouflage. I have always wanted my DC Camouflage Creme to stay for a longer time on my face and my wish was granted with this spray.  It does not make your makeup smudge a bit, everything on your face stays perfectly in place. For those people who draw their eyebrows with eyebrow pencils and for those who use a lot of concealer to cover skin discolorations and other such stuff, this is just the right product to make the makeup stay in place.

Makeup Fixing Spray

After you are done with the makeup, just hold it about 20 cms from your face and spray every where as required. Wait for a minute for it to dry and voila! You’re done!

Your makeup now is smudgeproof, waterproof, stays for a long time and it comes off easily with soap and water. You need not spend time to remove it with a makeup remover.

If you are spraying it on your face, make sure you hold your breath because when you inhale it, your nose develops some sort of an irritation. The spray also has SPF 20 in it! Yaaaayyyyy! :D

When it is sprayed on the face, there is that little layer of the spray which dries off in a minute, but the spray leaves this shiny sheen on the face which I dislike. The shiny sheen makes my face look oily. To get rid of that, I take a dry puff and pat it on my face and the sheen is gone.

Makeup Fixing Spray

This product is for those who always crib about the fact that their makeup doesn’t stay longer or that the makeup does not stay in place after a point of time. It might not be too useful for many according to me. For a person like me, for the kind of occupation that I am in, I definitely need more cans of this product. There are some people who complain of their makeup melting away when they are out in the sun. There are also a few people who say that their makeup is disturbed due to the oil on their face. If you have any such problems, then the fixing spray is surely for you.

Makeup Fixing Spray

Pros of Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray:

  • Makes makeup completely smudge proof.
  • Makeup stays much longer than usual.
  • Any kind of makeup comes off easily with just soap and water.
  • Contains SPF 20.
  • Decently priced.

Cons of Kryolan DermaColor Fixing Spray:

  • Non-availability of Kryolan products everywhere.
  • It gives a shiny sheen on the face after being sprayed and that makes the face look oily.

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