10 Best Night Creams For Dark Spots, Pimples and Uneven Skin Tone in India

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Uneven skin tone is quite a common issue and we are always on the lookout for its solution. Hence, here is a list of 10 best night cream that can prove useful to treat those dark spots and pimples, making skin perfectly even-toned. The best thing is that these night creams are easily available in India. Let’s get into details and find you the perfect match.

10 Best Night Creams For Dark Spots, Pimples and Uneven Skin Tone in India

1. Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating and Brightening Night Cream:


Kama Ayurveda rejuvenating and brightening night cream have a perfect blend of saffron, aloe vera, liquorice, vetiver, lotus, etc. The ingredients present in this cream help in skin brightening while treating the pigmentation and keeping bacterial or fungal infestation at bay. The cream is rich in texture but gets absorbed into the skin easily with a little massage. It does not feel heavy or greasy. With regular usage, it will make your skin even-toned with improved complexion.

2. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Intense Whitening Night Repair Crème:


The night repair crème from Lakme helps in making your skin even-toned, reducing the appearance of blemishes and dark spots. The cream is lightweight and gets easily absorbed into the skin. With regular usage, it fades the blemishes and reduces the appearance of dark spots. It makes skin glowing with each passing day, making it healthy-looking and even-toned.

3. The Nature’s Co White Tea Night Cream:


The Nature’s Co white tea night cream has white tea extracts, cocoa butter, olive oil, vitamin E and almond oil as its key ingredients. All the key ingredients are fairly known to reduce the dark spots, blemishes and make the skin even-toned. The cream has a thick consistency but gets easily absorbed without leaving any greasy residue behind. Along with making the skin brighter, the cream hydrates it as well. With regular usage, it fades the dark spots and blemishes, making the skin healthy-looking and even-toned.

4. Olay Naturals White Healthy Fairness Night Cream:


The fairness creams from Olay are quite popular in term of their efficacy. Olay naturals white healthy fairness night cream is formulated with vitamin B3 and pro-B5. The cream has a texture somewhat like whipped cream and is lightweight. It gets easily absorbed into the skin and does not make skin feel heavy at all. It makes the skin brighter, glowing and even-toned. Moreover, the Niacinamide or vitamin B3 present in the cream helps in treating dark spots and blemishes.

5. Aviance White Intense Radiance Restore Night Masque:


Aviance white intense radiance restore night masque is a perfect blend of witch hazel, chamomile, mulberry, green tea and peptides. This night masque has a creamy texture and is lightweight at the same time. It gets easily absorbed into the skin without making it greasy or oily. This intensive night masque reduces any inflammation and brightens up the skin. With regular usage, it is able to make the dark spots and blemishes less visible. It makes the skin radiant, healthy-looking and even-toned.

6. Forest Essentials Teenage Kumkumadi Night Cream:


Along with luxe and elegant packaging, forest essential skin care products are also popular for their efficacy. It is a blend of unique ingredients that are known to provide you with a healthy-looking skin. This orange-coloured cream is quite rich in texture and has a heavenly fragrance. Despite being thick and rich in consistency, it does not clog the pores and is perfect for acne-prone skin as well. With the regular usage, it makes the skin glowing and firmer. It reduces the pigmentation, clears up the complexion, providing you with an even-toned and healthy-looking skin.

7. Pond’s Flawless White Re-brightening Night Treatment:


Pond’s flawless white re-brightening night treatment has vitamin B3 or Niacinamide that helps in improving the health of the skin. The cream has a smooth texture and gets blended into the skin easily. It does not make the skin oily or clog up the pores. With regular usage, it lightens the skin and reduces the appearance of dark spots, pimple marks and makes the skin even-toned. Nonetheless, it provides a nice glow to the skin.

8. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Laser Turn Around Overnight Treatment:


L’Oreal Paris white perfect laser overnight treatment specifically targets pigmented and dull skin. The cream has a thick consistency and gets absorbed into the skin without making it heavy or greasy. It makes the skin plump and hydrated from the first day only. With continuous usage, it fades the dark spots and pimple marks and improves the skin complexion. Moreover, along with the brightening effect, this cream makes the skin even-toned and healthy.

9. The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion:

The Body Shop Tea Tree Night Lotion

The body shop tea tree night lotion is the perfect option to keep acne at bay along with treating the blemishes and dark spots. This night lotion is quite lightweight and sinks into the skin easily without making it greasy. It provides adequate moisturisation and nourishment to the skin, making it soft and supple. With regular usage, it makes the skin clearer and even-toned. Moreover, it refines the skin and makes it smoother.

10. Clarins White Plus Whitening Repairing Night Creams:


This night cream is an intensive whitening and nourishing overnight treatment. The cream is lightweight and gets absorbed into the skin easily. The complex of raspberry, vitamin C and alchemilla extracts makes the skin even-toned by treating dark spots and pimple marks effectively. Moreover, with regular usage, it improves skin complexion and prevents it from getting tanned.

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