10 Best Sunscreens for Acne Prone Skin

By Raka Ganguli

Hey everyone,

Hope you all are having an amazing day! As for me, I’m writing on this platform after a really long time (way, way long time). I couldn’t be happier to start on a note which enumerates the importance of using sunscreens on a daily basis. Therefore, here is a comprehensive list of a few sunscreens that will help you get your skin on guard sans the greasiness and also eliminate any potential chance of those ugly zit colonies from ruining your day.

10 Best Sunscreens for Acne Prone Skin

For me, summers are all about airy and light florals, brightly coloured sandals, sipping spicy chhas from brass tumblers, citrusy and Mediterranean perfumes and sunscreens. Indian summers are very harsh and unforgiving on our delicate skin and, therefore, it is of utmost importance that we walk the extra mile to slather on a sunscreen each morning.

Although it should be used throughout the year (of course, the UV rays don’t ever go into the incognito mode, right?), but in case you need a bit of maneuvering into using it religiously, summer time would be a perfect start. Now don’t fret, the below mentioned sunscreens are all designed to help you achieve a matte and fresh face. So, brave the humidity and the constant fear of resembling an oil slick, instead focus on bringing out your shield! 😀

Lotus Herbals UV Screen Matte Gel SPF 50

lotus herbals matte sunscreen

No sunscreen list should begin without mention of the Lotus Herbals sunscreens, (they have revolutionized the Indian sunscreen market) and for good reason. This sunscreen is armed with SPF 50 (UVB) and PA+++ (UVA) and includes natural ingredients like horse chestnut, vanilla and comfrey. Together, they work to give you a clean finish, check oiliness for hours and sooth the skin. This one feels cooling upon application due to the gel-based texture and also arrests excessive sweating to an extent. Bonus point – it doesn’t cause any break-outs, so girls with sensitive and acne prone skin can try it without hesitation.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50

This has remained a personal favorite for years. It goes on “ultra sheer” to the T, never broke me out, and protected me from the dreadful tan on my Andaman holidays. It has an SPF of 50 with PA+++ and helioplex technology. It is absolutely mattifying as well. Definitely worth a try!

Blossom Kochhar Aroma Magic Aloe Vera Sunscreen Gel

aroma magic aloe vera sun screen

Coming from the house of Blossom Kochhar, it is cruelty free and vegan with a truckload of natural ingredients to protect your skin against the harsh environment. It contains essential oils and aloe vera gel and has an SPF 20. The SPF is a little low, however I would suggest using this gel based mineral sunscreen on days when you’ll have limited sun exposure, or when just indoors. It is safe for acne prone skin and will not make your skin oily.

Suncros Matte Finish Soft SPF 50+ PA+++ Sunscreen

This is a pharmaceutical grade sunscreen from Sun Pharma. It has a soft whipped cream like texture, is moderately mattifying, has a high SPF, and it can actually also double up as a makeup base due to its consistency. Also, it’s easy spread on the skin. It keeps the skin shine free for quite some time. I have used it personally and it never broke me out.

Kaya Ultra Light AquaGel Sunscreen

kaya aquagel spf 25

It is equipped with a gel like texture with SPF 25. It hydrates the skin quite well without making it greasy. Also, it is pretty lightweight and is specially made for acne prone skin.

Clarins UV Plus Anti-Pollution Ecran Multi-Protection SPF 50 Sunscreen

clarins sunscreen for acne prone skin

Possibly the best sunscreen for Indian climate, in my opinion. I was sold right when the SA at the Clarins counter swatched the texture on my hand. It gets absorbed into the skin super-fast, no trace of white cast, hydrating and, at the same time, intensely mattifying. This ultra-light crème-ish texture, housed with SPF 50, is super-efficient at protecting the skin from daily aggressors. You’ll hardly tan or feel oily with this baby on. Also safe for acne prone sensitive skin. Highly recommend it!

La Roche Posay Anthelios Spray

La roche posey sunscreen swatch

No one likes to take out their sunscreen every 3-4 hours to reapply it because of all the tube hassle et al. But, that is just not an excuse to skip reapplication, which is where this spray bottled sunscreen comes to our rescue. Why should you purchase it? For starters, the brand. One of the best French pharmacy brands in the bandwagon and immensely effective in shielding the skin from the harsh sun rays. It has an SPF 50, it is light textured, water resistant and provides superior anti-tanning benefits!

Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40

clinique oil free sunscreen

If you’re somebody who gives bear hugs to multi-tasking products (who doesn’t? :P), you’ll definitely be intrigued by this sunscreen. As the name says, it is oil-free, has a matte texture, absorbs easily into the skin and protects with an SPF 40+. It makes sure that you don’t tan even after a long exposure to sunlight and is a boon for acne prone skinned beauties. Now, saving the best for the last, it is a tinted product, so goodbye foundation!

Vichy Ideal Soleil Mattifying Face Fluid Dry Touch SPF 50

Everything about this sunscreen is pure love – right from its superb mattifying properties to the high SPF content and its non-comedogenic reputation. It is also loaded with the thermal spring water, so added skin conditioning advantages make this a clear winner!

Benefit Dream Screen SPF 45 PA+++

benefit dream sunscreen

It is extremely light and has a smooth consistency. It is also non-oily and boasts of SPF 45+ along with PA+++ protection. It leaves no white cast upon blending and glides upon the skin like a silky emulsion. Plus, the apothecaryish packaging looks really funky sitting atop your dresser!

So ladies, armed with this list, you may now embark upon your journey to the retail outlets and purchase one (or two) sunscreen. And use it every single day, whatever is the weather, no excuses! Please remember, although the much coveted summer bronzy tanned skin can make you look like a million bucks, protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays and pollution is the prime factor in achieving a healthy, wrinkle-free skin.

Take care and have a lovely day!

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  1. I have used the lotus matte one and it’s really good 🙂 Also, suncros matte sunscreen is really good for acne-prone skin too.

  2. Yes, I’ve used the Suncros sunscreen and it definitely felt light enough 🙂 The Clarins one steals the show for me 😀

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