10 Different Ways to Use Green Tea Bags for Your Skin

By Swati Kumar

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Green tea is known for its amazing health and beauty benefits. It contains antioxidants that help to detox and flush out the unwanted fats from our body. It is known to act as a great anti-cancer agent and it stimulates your brain activity. Green tea is easily available in the form of tea bags all over the world. Green tea also has amazing benefits for our skin, and here are ten simple ways to incorporate green tea into your skincare routine.


Read on to know them.

1. As a Toner:

A very gentle way to hydrate and refresh the skin is to use green tea as a toner. Simply steep a green tea bag in half a cup of hot water and let it simmer for an hour. Remove the tea bags and cool them by placing it in the fridge overnight. Use it as a spray on toner, or apply them using cotton balls. You can also squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the solution for brightening your skin.


2. For Depuffing Eyes:

In the mornings, the fluid collected around our eyes lead to puffiness; and to combat the puffiness, the best method of using green tea is to freeze the used green tea bags overnight and place them on the under eye bags for 10 minutes. As an alternative, semicircle cotton pads can be soaked in green tea water like in the previous method and placed on the eyes for 10 minutes. The cooling effect will depuff and refresh the eye area.

3. As an Ice Mask:

Icing or ice facials are a common effective method for depuffing and making our eyes look more awake. For puffiness on the face, green tea water can be frozen in ice cube trays. In the morning, simply rub the ice cube all over the face. This will not only reduce the puffiness but also helps in tightening the pores. This ensures that subsequent skincare products absorb better and makeup goes on smoothly.


4. As an Exfoliator:

For mild exfoliation simply cut open the green tea bag and mix it with either honey or aloe vera gel to make your very own natural exfoliator. The green tea particles will naturally slough off the dead skin cells while the honey will add vital nutrients to the skin thereby, revitalising and moisturising the skin. Alternatively, aloe vera gel can be used to calm down the skin while it is exfoliated.

5. As a Mask:

You can make your own Homemade Green Tea Sheet Mask, or simply use cotton pads to soak into brewed green tea water as in the previous methods and place the cotton pads on your face for fifteen minutes. This ensures that vital ingredients from the green tea such as antioxidants are absorbed into the skin. It is a great mask for events where we don’t have time to go to salons for facials.


6. For Stimulating Hair Growth:

Green tea has been proven to stimulate hair growth due to its Vitamin content. Catechins present in green tea is responsible for preventing hair loss. Brew eight tea bags in half a litre of water and let it cool overnight. After shampooing and conditioning your hair, rinse your tresses with this solution. Wash off the solution after ten minutes. It will provide a nice lustre to the hair. It also helps to soothe the scalp and reduce dandruff.


7. For Treating Sun Burns:

Green tea can be used to compress the sun burnt areas on the skin. The green tea helps to reverse the damage caused by the sun. It also helps to soothe and reduce inflammation. Soak a clean cloth in green tea water and use it as a compressor. Apply aloe vera gel afterwards to calm down the skin further.

8. As a Cleanser:

Matcha, or powdered green tea has become a popular ingredient in beverages worldwide. But due to its fine powdery consistency, matcha can also be used as a cleanser. Simply add water to matcha and form a paste. Use it on the face the way you would use a cleanser. It will effectively cleanse and refresh the skin. It can remove the oil trapped inside your pores and also provides gentle exfoliation.


9. Green Tea Steam:

We all know the benefits of steaming our faces before any facial as it helps to open up the pores on our skin. Adding green tea to the water can give an extra boost to your skin cells. Simply add green tea bags to hot water and steam your face before the solution cools down. This will add antioxidants to your open pores.

10. As a Beverage:

Regular consumption of green tea as a beverage is known to have many benefits for the skin. It helps to flush out toxins that otherwise may find their way to come to the surface of the skin in the form of breakouts. It keeps the skin look healthy and glowing. It also prevents ageing of the skin.


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