10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely

By Gurmeet Kaur

Hey, everyone!

Crash Diet – This word thrills some of us, offends some and for some, it is just a non-existent phenomenon. But, this is always the option to all emergency important events where we want to look great. Be it a wedding next week or a candid photoshoot, a date on the coming weekend or an approaching short trip, crash diet does help in losing few pounds. But, the Crash Diet magic works only when it is done “Right”.

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely

Read on to know the easiest ways.

1. Understand the Term:

The term crash diet means to cut down the calorie intake of a human body to as low as 600-700 calories a day to bring in a rapid shed off weight. It reduces the daily calorie consumption and manipulates the body to utilise its stored energy and fat for performing everyday activities.

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely2

2. Short Term Goal:

Please try to keep the crash diets only for the purpose it is designed for – short term. If you are thinking of continuing the crash diet for a longer duration, there may be serious health repercussions associated.

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3. Crash Diet vs Starving:

A lot of people confuse the crash diet with starving. It is quintessential to know the difference that Crash Diet involves regulated eating of low-calorie food whereas starving is having no food at all. Never mix up the two.

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely3

4. Crash Calories, Not Nutrients:

While most of us try to abide by the rule of intake of low-calorie food, we sometimes fail to understand the basic structure of crash diet. It does not intend to make you malnutrition but, it only cuts down the calorie count to tone the weight of the body.

5. Prefer Supervision, Always:

Dear Ladies, we all know the value of experts, whether it is for our clothes, styling or health. Anything done with the body without the supervision of experts can make you suffer from long term consequences or even side effects!

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely6

6. Do it the Right Way!

Whenever you choose to opt for a crash diet, keep the motive of ‘Cleansing’ as a priority. This will have double benefits. One, it will be easier to pick healthy food for the limited calorie intake. Second, it will not just shed your few pounds but will also make your skin and hair better with the proper intake of nutrients.

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely1

7. Mix and Match:

Don’t be surprised. Mix and match is not only for your wardrobe, it works equally well on food habits too. It is highly advisable to mix and match diet plans in the most optimising way. Maintaining the balance in the diet, builds stamina and maintains muscle, all this while burning the fat alongside. Mixing diets in such a way will keep your taste buds from suffering too much and will also make your crash diet successful.

8. Healthy Doesn’t Mean bland!

If the thought of healthy food in the crash diet makes you panic of all the tastelessness that will overpower your days, you need to stop worrying. The culinary world is full of recipes which are not only a treat for your taste buds but also, let you keep a check on the calorie intake.

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely5

9. Trick your Mind:

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, remember? It so happens when we are restricted to eat more, we end up thinking about it even more. This is where this trick can save you. Keep thinking that your stomach is so full and you are so satiated. Following this trick will make you less hungry and calmer in dealing with hunger pangs.

10. Do not Go Over Speed:

Just like when we are running late for work, we tend to over accelerate and bump into mishaps. Similarly, in the attempt of making a rigorous weight loss, some pretty ladies end up lowering the minimum calorie level to be consumed each day during the crash diet, inviting more troubles than before. It may result in the sudden lowering of insulin level, dizziness, low blood pressure, extreme weakness etc.

10 Easy Ways to Crash Diet Safely4

I hope while all of us at IMBB stay pretty and healthy keeping these handy tips by their side. Stay gorgeous!

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