10 Ways to Lose Weight without Going to the Gym

By Chanchala Bose

Hi IMBBians,

Losing weight is not everyone’s top agenda. You know, I was extremely skinny during my college days. My mom would always say,”You’ll gain weight once you start working.” And boy, her prophecy turned out to be true. I don’t know how but I started to gain weight. I thought of reducing my weight and then I shifted to Delhi where all kind of junk food caught my attention. There are a lot of people who are obese and want to shed extra weight but they stay away from the gym. Some of them are not able to afford a gym membership while others get easily bored. So, for all such people who want to lose excess weight but without a gym, here are some fun options.

10 Ways to Lose Weight without Going to the Gym


swimming to lose weight

You know swimming is one of the healthiest activities. Swimming, in the long run, will make your body strong. It not only increases your stamina but also improves your immunity. Swimming also strengthens your core muscles and gives you a very healthy and toned body.


Another cost-effective exercise is biking. A biking session can help you burn more calories than a gym session. Just keep adding variations, and this activity will tone your entire body in no time.


zumba class weight loss

Dancing is the most fun activity ever! Dancing is so much fun and burns a lot of calories too. You can easily join a zumba class too, or perform it at home with the help of online videos. If you don’t have the confidence to join a dance class, put on your headphones, blast some loud music and dance however you want to dance in your bedroom.


Yoga is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. A lot of people are taking up this form of workout, thanks to celebrities. Again, you can workout with yoga DVDs of Shilpa Shetty or Lara Dutta.


Did you know top actresses like Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt swear by yoga? Yes, yoga is the secret of their amazingly fit body. Pilates concentrate on building and strengthening your core muscles. It also increase the agility of your body.

Martial arts

martial arts for weight loss

Martial arts not only tone your body but also give you the confidence to lead your life. You burn many calories, tone your body and learn self defence in a typical martial arts class. It also increases your concentration and makes your mind more alert.

Make some love

Well, not everyone would like to opt for this physical activity, but do try it if you can. 😛 You can burn a lot of calories during sex, which can lead to weight loss in the long run. Isn’t this wow?

Acupuncture and herbs

Accupuncture treatment for weight loss

Trust me, acupuncture and herbs help you lose weight by improving your digestion and amplifying your metabolism. You can read about these two here and here.


Yes, sleeping. Such a fun activity, right? Can you believe that sleeping for 8 hours straight will help you burn 300 calories? So ya, now you have the excuse to hit the snooze button.

Add some spice to your diet

indian spices for weight loss

Did you know adding spices to your diet will help you lose weight and burn fat? Opt for garlic, pepper, cayenne pepper etc for best results.

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