11 Bad Habits That Make Winter Skin So Much Worse

Hi ladies,
Winters are just around the corner. I can definitely feel nip in the air here in Delhi! How is weather at your side of the world? In today’s post, I will talk about some small habits that can make our winter skin so much worse.


1. Using Alcohol-Based Products:

We all know alcohol strips our off natural oils and makes it look dehydrated. Our skin in winters can get really dry and using alcohol based products can worsen the matters further. So, try to avoid products that have alcohol in them like in your cleansers, toners or hand sanitizers.

2. Picking at Itchy Skin:

Dry winter skin can get really scratchy and itchy and if you pick at it, then it could lead to scarring or discoloration of the skin. Try to keep your skin hydrated and moisturized throughout the day to keep it looking healthy and glowing.

3. The wrong face mask:


Most of us love to use those clay based masks to soothe and calm our skin but those same masks on winter skin can make it really dry and flaky. So, try to switch these masks for the ones that have moisturizing and hydrating ingredients.

4. Going to Bed With Naked Lips:


Our lips need extra protection even at night during winters. You might be applying lip balms all day long but you also need them even more during night time, as cold winds and dry indoor heat deplete the natural protective barrier of lips and make them look really chapped in the mornings. So, use a heavy duty lip balm at night.

5. Wearing Scratchy Layers Next to Your Skin:

We all love the feel of chunky sweaters or even scarves against our skin but if your skin is sensitive or allergic, then these things can further irritate and inflame already-sensitive skin. You can try layering winter clothes with soft cotton clothes underneath to form a protective barrier.

6. Using the Same Beauty and Skin Care Products as All Summer:

We all have been guilty of this sin at least once in our lives. We continue with the same cleanser, toner, shampoo, moisturizer and what not even during the winters. We need extra layer of moisturization during colder months so we all need to make sure that we all the products accordingly.

7. Not Hydrating Your Body:


We all know, how water is crucial for our body. Layering up with facial oils won’t help if your skin lacks that hydration from within. So, don’t forget to drink water in winters. If you can’t remember it then get an app which will remind you to drink water!

8. Forgoing the Exfoliation:

You might think that my skin is already dry and exfoliation will further make it drier, well this is not the case. Your moisturizer will not be able to penetrate your skin that well, if you have a layer of dead skin cells over your face. So, you can go for a mild exfoliator at least once a week.

9. Not using a toner:


A toner helps to shrink those pores and can be really hydrating and moisturizing for the skin and it is not meant to control oil on your face. If you use a toner during hotter months then by all means use a toner in winters also but a different one!

10. Skipping Sunscreen:


Repeat after me, sunscreen is required all around year whether it is hot, cold, windy, sunny or raining! So, try not to forget this one. If you are still reluctant then you can also go for makeup and skin care products that have SPF in them.

11. One cold cream is all I need:

Our facial skin is so much more delicate than our body. So, try to use different ones for different areas. A nice body lotion will keep your body moisturized while a good moisturizer will sort out all your winter skin woes.

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