DIY Liquorice Face Toner for Beautiful Skin

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Today I’ll be showing you all, how to make face toner out of liquorice. I’m obsessing over this ingredient a lot these days because it is very beneficial for skin health and I’m all about that life. I love experimenting with these DIYs and it’s so much fun creating products that work. Anyway, let’s get started with the DIY already!

DIY Liquorice Face Toner 6


DIY Liquorice Face Toner

1. Liquorice Powder.
2. Lemon Juice.
3. Rose Water.
4. Essential Oil of your choice (optional)


DIY Liquorice Face Toner 2

1. Sieve the liquorice powder to make sure there are no lumps in the powder.

2. Then add the liquids one by one. Make sure to mix it all very nicely so that the powder is well incorporated and there aren’t new lumps forming.

DIY Liquorice Face Toner 4

3. Then finally add 2-3 drops of essential oil and mix it well.
4. Let it rest for some time. You’ll see that the excessive powder will settle down at the bottom of the vessel.

DIY Liquorice Face Toner

5. Now strain it again, this time with a fine cloth so that you get only liquid this time and none of the liquorice powder.

DIY Liquorice Face Toner

6. Transfer this liquid toner into a spray bottle and use it as your regular toner.


1. You could use any essential oil or none of it. It’s your take. You could even add 2 or more essential oils to the toner. Just keep in mind the quantity. Don’t add more than a drop of each if you are planning to use more than 2 oils.
2. Keep your toner in a refrigerator so that it remains fresh. You’ll feel great when you use the toner after a long day at work or school if the toner’s chilled a bit.


1. Liquorice is known for skin lightening properties. So use this face pack when you want to remove the tan from your face immediately and naturally. It helps to calm your skin down after a long and tiring day. It will help moisturise your skin and also hydrate it. It acts as a natural sunscreen and will protect your skin from sun damage. Since it is also loaded with antioxidants, it will protect your skin from reacting to free radicals. It will help fade away spots and blemishes with regular usage. Since it is cool in nature, it will help with irritation and inflammation on your skin. Also, it helps with skin disorders too.

2. Being an excellent source of vitamin C, lemon can do wonders for your skin by treating blemishes, dark spots, acne, etc. Regular usage of lemon lightens the skin. It removes dead cells. Diminishes any scars. Lemon is a great toner. Lemon is usually known for cleansing our body, but it can be used on the face and body too. It’ll break down the dirt, makeup and other nasty stuff from your skin and give you a clean base. It also helps to fight acne and remove blackheads. Lemon also helps to improve the complexion of your skin and it reduces tan too.

3. Rosewater is a natural toner. It helps relax the skin and also maintains its pH value. It fights acne and reduces the appearances of scars and blemishes. It hydrates the skin and it also has some anti-ageing properties too. Also, rosewater will help calm down the inflammation and irritation on your skin and help with redness. It is a great cleanser for your skin and smells really nice. It will add moisture to the face and help your face look younger when used regularly. It is an astringent by nature and will help clean pores. It is anti-bacterial in nature.

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