7 Easy Tips to Get Radiant Skin This Winter

Who wants to spend hours getting ready, if one can snuggle in for some extra time under the blanket? In this post, I share with you, some easy-peasy tips to get that glowy and radiant look this winter. Since our skin is drier, makeup clings to dry patches and it becomes difficult to achieve a flawless look. With the tips here, you can transform your dull skin into a glowing one in a matter of minutes.

radiant skin in winter

1. Face Oil to Rescue

facial oil

Instead of slathering on creams and butters, try face oils for that luminescent glowing look. Mix a couple of drops in your foundation to achieve that dewy glow. Any regular oil, preferably lightweight in nature can do the job too. Plus, try adding some shimmer or highlighter to your body oil and flaunt gorgeous arms and legs.

2. Concealer Magic

A good concealer does NOT accentuate your dry patches, and imparts an even, blemish-free look. So invest in a suitable concealer. Concealer works best on hydrated skin, so moisturization is the mantra.

3. Highlighter Rules

how to highlight

An illuminator or highlighter applied properly on the high points of your face, like the cheekbones and below brow arches, gives a beautiful, glowing and more defined look. However, not knowing the tricks of the trade can end in a tacky look, so take baby steps.

4. Mixing is The Key

A proper blending of the cream or liquid foundation gives that naturally flawless effect. Try adding a bit of tinted lotion to your foundation for easier blending. This way, your foundation won’t look cakey, and will serve as a good base for next steps.

5. Blushing Glory

must have blushes

A rosy flush on your cheeks is all you need to keep winter blues at bay. Try opting for cream or mousse blushers instead of powdery ones. Do not forget to blend well or you may end up looking clownish.

6. Ice It

Rubbing a cube of ice on the cheeks gives a natural, reddish tint to your complexion, making you look attractive even without any other cosmetics. It resembles the post workout glow without sweating! 😉

7. Humidifier helps


As the weather sucks up the moisture from your skin, try sleeping with a humidifier on. This helps to replenish the water lost from your skin, and gives a hydrated glow overnight. In fact, this is a great tip for those who use air conditioners for most part of the year.

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