13 Brilliant Instagram Beauty Hacks that are Worth Trying

Instagram is one of the most best social media ever. You can get almost anything and everything on Instagram. And thanks to Rati’s Instagram account, we are truly addicted to this fun app now. So, here I have listed down some of the best-known Instagram tips and tricks that have completely revolutionised the beauty world. Take a look at the best-known Instagram hacks that are nothing short of genius.


Use a razor to get some new layers


How about using your razor in a different way? Run your favorite razor through your hair to get a nice layered hairstyle. But make sure you watch a few videos before trying out this hack, though. 😉

Use dish sponges to curl your hair

How about using dish sponges to curl your hair? Well, dish sponges are the perfectly inexpensive way to get fabulous curls in your hair. Just wet your hair, wrap various strands around the sponge, leave it on and then unravel beautiful curls.

Divide your hair into sections and wear a longer ponytail


How about dividing your hair into sections and then faking a longer ponytail? This will give you a glam longer ponytail without much efforts.

Use fancy accessories to dress up your hair


Use a big traditional earring on your hair instead of the hairpins. This will instantly make your hair gorgeous and red carpet ready. In fact, an earring can be used as a maang tika. Try it and see how beautiful it looks!

Use pencils to create curls


This is an age-old technique to create curls. This is very similar to the sponge hack. But you have to use a pencil instead of sponges to get beautiful tight curls.

Use a tee to dry your hair

Use your old tees instead of towel on your wet hair. This will dry out your hair much faster and will also eliminate frizz.

Thick hair bun


Cut the ends of your socks and use it as a rubber band on your ponytail. Now, tie your hair into a bun around it. This will give you a beautiful, gorgeous and thick bun.

Cover grays with a mascara


Grey strands can be easily observed. But what should you do when you do not have the time to color your hair? Simple, cover your grays with a mascara. Just take your mascara wand and run through your hair to cover grey.

Rub garlic on your nails

If you are addicted to applying too much of nail paints and your nails get stained or turn yellow, then rub garlic cloves on your nails every day for a good 10-15 minutes. You will see quick results with this hack.

Use Vaseline to scrub your lips


How about using Vaseline with a disposable mascara wand to scrub your lips? Such a moisturizing lip scrub, right? This will remove flakiness and make your lips super soft.

Use socks instead of Beauty Blender

Beauty blenders can be expensive. So, how about using your socks to blend your makeup well? This hack does the perfect job of applying and blending your makeup with ease, and that too at a very affordable price.

Clean your mascara wand


Cleaning your mascara wand is more important than you think. Clean the wand with a contact lens solution. This hack not only sanitizes your mascara but also removes clumps.

Get the most out of your makeup

Heat the bottles of your makeup products such as foundations or concealers to get the most out of your products. This will give your products a better consistency and prevent wastage.

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